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Support Services
10,000 Small Businesses at Long Beach Community College

Long Beach Community College District's Business Support Services for 10,000 Small Businesses

To help put learning to work, business owners will be provided with a suite of business support services that offer practical advice and guidance outside of the classroom.  These include:

Business Assessments:  At the start of the program, business advisors will work with business owners to assess growth opportunities, identify competitive threats, and target critical objectives that must be accomplished to enable growth.  Objectives may include creating marketing plans, realigning organizational structure, hiring staff or improving aspects of operations or administration - HR practices, accounting, management information, production efficiency, etc.
One-on-One Business Advisory Services:  Advisors will coach scholars on the creation of growth plans that incorporate lessons from the coursework.  Select participants who would benefit from analytical support will have an opportunity to engage the program's advisors to help jump-start implementation of a particular aspect of their Growth Plans. 
Professional Services Reviews:  Professional services reviews are meant to assist businesses in legal, tax, and accounting matters.  For example, is the owner's business a properly formed legal entity? Have the owners taken steps to effectively manage legal liability? Do they have proper procedures for complying with relevant laws and regulations? Do they have effective/efficient financial and managerial accounting systems? Do they optimize tax treatments to minimize tax liabilities?  Services will begin with a clinic that covers basics on an informational basis to be followed by specialized clinics.

Mentoring:  Mentors will be available to provide coaching in specific areas, such as leadership or strategic planning, helping participants to become more executive as they grow their businesses and further delegate responsibilities.  The mentors will help business owners to focus on the issues of greatest importance, share best practices, frame effective strategy and drive sustainable growth by building business capacity. 
Procurement Assistance:  For scholars whose businesses offer products or services for which there is a government market, procurement assistance will help them to compete effectively in the government procurement process. Topics covered would be creating effective proposals and navigating the technicalities of the procurement process.
Government Contracting and Incentives:  These services will help scholars to understand the various government incentive programs that can help a business improve its bottom line, the regulations that govern different industries and aspects of business management and how to effectively work with government entities to resolve issues and improve business conditions.
Networking opportunities:  The program recognizes that business opportunities are often identified through relationships with other business people and that opportunities can be best pursued when a business has a wide range of contacts that it can draw upon. Therefore the program will create opportunities for participants to network with each other, and it will create networking opportunities with bankers, business associations and other groups that will help scholars make the connections they need to more effectively pursue business growth.


To learn more about the program, send an email for more information or call us at (562) 938-5054.