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Budget Advisory Committee
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The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) Charge has been updated and approved by the College Planning Committee (CPC) on May 21, 2015.  Click here to download a printable version of the Budget Advisory Committee Charge.

The Budget Advisory Committee is a standing committee created by the College Planning Committee.  The committee represents the breadth of the college community, coordinates planning and budgeting processes through the following charge from the Superintendent/President and the Board of Trustees.

Function - Charge: (responsibilities, tasks)

  • To develop an understanding of the college's revenue and expenditures as a foundation for participating in the budget process

  • To use the college's priorities (as outlined by the Institutional College Planning Committee and as may be designated by the college Executive Committee) to prepare recommendations for budget development, including budget assumptions and priority lists for distribution of additional income

  • Identify underlying principles (practices) used when making decisions regarding reallocation of funds and facilitate the reallocation of existing resources based on institutional planning

  • To review the draft budget in its development stages

  • To present the adopted budget to the College Planning Committee for information and to the Superintendent/President for approval. (Budgets and Budget Presentations can be found here.)

  • To serve as a forum for on-going fiscal activities such as monthly and quarterly fiscal reports to the Board

  • To identify strategies which can be implemented to make the budget process more "user friendly"

  • To identify emerging trends and/or needs that have college-wide budgetary impact

  • To educate members of the college community on the process for developing the budget and to encourage feedback from them

  • To monitor and evaluate the budget process

  • To review and share information on the state budget and state budgeting process as it relates to California Community Colleges

  • To serve as a conduit for communicating the committee's activities to its' represented constituencies and to other college committees

Annual Timeline
of Outputs:

Tentative Budget
Adopted Budget

Quarterly Financial Reports
FTES Reports
Apportionment Reports

Reporting: Recommendations from the BAC go to the Superintendent/President for approval and to CPC for information as well as submitting the information to the Board of Trustees.
Co-Chairs: Vice President Administrative Services
Academic Senate Appointee
Membership: 3 Academic Senate Representatives
Executive Vice President College Advancement &
  Economic Development
Vice President Academic Affairs
Vice President Human Resources
Vice President Student Services
CHI Representative
Deans Representative
Department Head Representative
AFT Representative
CCA Representative
ASB Representative
Resources: Director, Fiscal Services
Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Budget Officer
It is expected that the committee will draw upon additional resources from the pool of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise as necessary.
Meeting Frequency
and Schedule:
BAC will schedule meetings as necessary but with an expected minimum of two meetings per semester. Meeting dates are scheduled to be at LAC (north and south) and PCC, typically on Mondays between 3:00-4:30 pm, but subject to change.


Approved by CPC May 21, 2015

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