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English as a Second Language

The Mission of the ESL Learning Center

The ESL Learning Center provides Long Beach City College’s diverse student population with the skills needed for academic success helping students to develop the skills, strategies, and behaviors necessary to obtain fluency in the English Language. The ESL Learning Center contributes to the college’s focus on student-driven learning and increased retention and graduation rates by providing students with the skills needed to graduate, transfer or learn the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. 

ESL Learning Center
Information about the ESL Learning Center

The ESL Learning Center is located on the top floor of the Library building (LL 211). The Center provides a place where ESL students, can get tutoring help with the classwork and homework. Students can study individually or in pairs or in groups. Students can use the Center’s 22 computers to do research, write class papers, create PowerPoint projects, practice using the Center’s software programs or the installed voice recorders to practice their conversation skills. The Center provides various free workshops throughout the semester, including conversation workshops and grammar workshops to allow students to have additional practice outside of the classroom. The Center’s multilingual staff and certified instructors welcome you and will be happy to assist you with all your English language learning needs.

Hours and Location

Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM


Instructor Schedule

Monday through Thursday 2:30  3:50 PM

Signing up for ESLLC

ESLLC699  Current section #10382


The Long Beach City College ESL Learning Center offers tutoring for all ESL courses and currently enrolled ESL students. Tutoring services include individual tutoring, small group tutoring, and walk-in tutoring. The Center’s tutoring staff strives to provide students with composition and critical thinking skills to enable them to compose successful essays and assignments on their own. We provide assistance with grammar, reading comprehension, conversation and pronunciation practice. The Center also assists students with research projects, assistance with financial aid forms, scholarship forms and homework help. Students may use the Center’s dictionaries, textbooks and reference material to help them study or practice their English skills. The Center has 22 computers with up to date English learning software, free printing, and a multilingual staff ready to assist you. 

Workshops (None During Winter Session)


Monday 3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Tuesday 4:30 PM-5:30 PM

Tuesday/Thursday 10:30 AM-11:30 AM

 Learning Center Policies

ESL Learning Center policies: The primary purpose of these lab policies is to maintain the proper discipline in the lab to allow students to function in a safe, clean and productive environment. Cell phones should be turned off or put on silent mode. No talking on cell phones in the Learning Center. 

1. Students are required to register for the Learning Center by signing up for the free ESLLC699 class. The student may sign up by themselves or bring their LBCC student ID number and password and staff will assist you with signing up. 

2. It is the responsibility of the student, to be sure that you sign in and out of the center each time you leave and return to the Center.

3. All students must be signed up for ESLLC699 and bring their current LBCC student ID with them when working at the Center. 

4. Students may borrow dictionaries, textbooks and English learning materials for use in the Learning Center by asking at the front desk.  

5. Headsets are available to loan out for use in the Learning Center. Please ask at the front desk and return the headset when finished.  

6. Guests, children, and friends are not permitted in the Learning Center. Only current officially enrolled students are allowed. Children must not be left unaccompanied anywhere in the Learning Center.

7. Food, drink, and gum are not permitted in the Learning Center, except on special occasions. Water is permitted in a sealed bottle with a screw on cap.   

8. Be respectful and considerate to all in the lab. Students using rude or disturbing language or behavior will be asked to leave.

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