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Course Descriptions
Floral Design

FLO 286 A and B Introduction to Floral Design

The study of design principles and elements of basic floral design; color coordination, anatomy of a flower, hydration of product and florist glossary terms. Floral Nomenclature and Classification identification are included for both flowers and foliage. These classes also instruction on proper use of floral tools and mechanics. 286A covers Autumn, 286B covers Spring flower (floral product of those seasons).

FLO 287A Intermediate Floral Design - Wedding

Wedding is a hands-on step by step course covering each phase: design, mechanics, floral trends, consultation and construction of floral products, marketing, pricing and selling flowers for church, hotel, home/garden wedding and reception setup. Body flowers, carrying pieces, ceremony and reception designs will be executed. 

FLO 287B Intermediate Floral Design - Sympathy/Tribute

Complete instructions on the art and science of designing sympathy/tributes included from the elaborate casket to simple home tributes, with direct focus on mechanics and construction for efficiency in design. Marketing, pricing and selling to Funeral Homes as well as customers is also included.

FLO 287C Intermediate Floral Design - Holiday/Buffet

This course prepares the individual who seeks knowledge and professionalism in the floral industry specifically related to party work. Party props, room decor, table treatments, and display elements are emphasized along with art principles and creative thematic approaches to floral design. This course is for fine tuning your basic floral skills. Students will master the concept of assembly design work emphasizing quality and consistency. Students will also have a full understanding of holiday and seasonal designs.

FLO 288 Advanced Floral Design

The advanced study of fundamental principles and elements of floral design are expanded upon to demonstrate their application to advanced design styles. Important techniques and terminology are carefully explained and defined. Including advanced new product knowledge which is continually being developed for creating unique designs in less time. There is a design emphasis on European designs, International floral customs, wedding decor, sympathy tributes, art design, display and home designs.

FLO 289 Applied Floral Shop Operation

This course includes information regarding starting a retail or home based floral business and provides details on a variety of topics ranging from licensing procedures to shop layout. Including aspect of the day-to-day operation of a flower shop are also examined, along with policies and ideas regarding pricing, hiring personnel and selling merchandise. Insightful information is given for expanding, relocation, and selling an established business.