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Strategic Plan


Four initiatives seek to expand Long Beach City College Foundation’s efforts to ensure the continued growth and success of the Foundation in supporting the needs of the College and its students and faculty: scholarship and grant awards, alumni engagement, fundraising activities, and strengthened infrastructure and governance.


Initiative 1: Enhance the structure, process, and offerings of scholarship and grant awards to meet the continually evolving needs of the students, faculty and College.

Goal 1.1:  Explore opportunities to restructure the number and process of scholarship and grant awards to streamline the administrative efforts involved in selection, disbursement and reporting.

Goal 1.2:  Increase the number of students who apply for scholarships by optimizing marketing across additional platforms—including a student-to-student approach—to more effectively reach students and encourage them to apply.

Goal 1.3:  Explore opportunities to increase the number and types of programs or projects to support the College, faculty and students, reflecting identified campus needs.

Initiative 2: Strengthen Long Beach City College’s efforts to engage more alumni more deeply by developing a sense of community for them beyond their time on the campus.

Goal 2.1:  Select, implement and maintain a robust alumni database that is compatible with the Foundation’s financial database—and possibly the College’s student database—in order to successfully increase engagement with alumni.

Goal 2.2:  Grow the size of the Alumni Association by increasing the number of benefits and services included with membership.

Goal 2.3:  Implement an Alumni Campaign with multiple marketing strategies to reach out to past alumni to join the Alumni Association.

Goal 2.4:  Expand the number and type of alumni engagement activities organized, utilizing best practices from other college alumni programs and input from alumni and students.


Initiative 3: Diversify funding sources by increasing contributed income from foundations, corporations, and individuals to ensure the sustainability and growth of funds available to support the College’s initiatives, departments, faculty and students.

Goal 3.1:  Working in conjunction with the Economic Development Office, increase the number and amount of grants from foundations.

Goal 3.2:  Working in conjunction with the Economic Development Office, increase the number and amount of sponsorships from corporations.

Goal 3.3:  Increase the number and amount of gifts received from individual donors.

Goal 3.4:  Launch an Annual Campaign to solicit donations from donors, alumni, faculty and the parents of current students to raise funds for general support.


Initiative 4: Ensure the appropriate governance, staffing, databases and policies are in place to support the Foundation’s continued success and growth.

Goal 4.1:  Strengthen the Foundation’s governance structure to deepen engagement, support Foundation operations, and ensure excellence in governance and stewardship.

Goal 4.2:  Develop a staffing plan to reflect the Foundation’s new strategic direction and growth, including specialized positions (i.e., fundraising, marketing and communications, scholarships, alumni, and trips).

Goal 4.3:  Select and implement a new donor/alumni database to improve tracking and communication. (See Goal 2.1.)

Goal 4.4:  Conduct annual planning and performance evaluation of Foundation staff and activities to measure progress and growth.

Goal 4.5:  Further increase the visibility of the Foundation and College as providers of high quality education in the Long Beach area through strategic marketing—including redesigning the website and professionalizing social media efforts—to better engage students, faculty, alumni, donors, community partners, and other stakeholders.

Goal 4.6:  Ensure operational transparency by formalizing all policies and procedures and posting them on the Foundation website.