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Department Policies
History and Political Science Department

Instructor's Rights:

Students should be aware that it is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that classroom setting is conducive to learning at all times. Therefore, should a student disrupt class through cell phone use, texting and searching non-relevant websites on laptop computers it is the instructor's right to take disciplinary action. According to the college catalog: "An instructor has the right to remove a student from class at any time he/she considers a student's actions to be interfering with a proper collegiate environment." For further details, consult college catalog.

Policy on cell phone usage:

All cell phones, iPhones, IPods, pagers and other electronic devices must be turned off before class and stowed so that they are not visible or distracting. Should a student's cell phone go off during class time and/or a student is caught texting during class, the instructor reserves the right to take disciplinary action.  Appropriate penalties for such infractions may include the following:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Requirement of students to make a verbal apology to classmates for the disruption
  3. Point deduction from the student's overall grade in the course
  4. Dismissal from the class lecture

*Special Circumstances: Students must see the instructor personally to make special arrangements should he or she be caring for a child or other family member.

Policy on laptop computers:

Laptop computers may be utilized in class with the instructor's permission for purposes of taking class notes or referring to the online versions of course textbooks or websites cited by the instructor.  Laptops should not be used for any other purposes during class. Students who misuse laptops in the classroom will have the privilege revoked.