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Research Briefs
Institutional Effectiveness

In preparation for a new strategic planning cycle at Long Beach City College (LBCC), Institutional Effectiveness (IE) has create a series of briefs to investigate the current state of student progress and achievement at LBCC. While existing data sources like the Student Success Scorecard, give a partial story line about LBCC students, it often does not capture context about the findings or reflect the breadth of LBCC’s student body. These briefs attempt to further the conversation opened by completion metrics introduced by the Scorecard to inform decision-making at LBCC.

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)
This brief discusses how ADTs, introduced at LBCC in fall 2012, are catching on with students and how they are streamlining time to completion.

Basic Skills Innovations at Long Beach City College
LBCC students continue to struggle in basic skills English, reading, and math. LBCC faculty in all three disciplines are implementing innovations to better support basic skills students. This brief provides descriptions about the innovations and preliminary evidence about student outcomes of these efforts. 

Do Long Beach City College Students have Housing Needs?
It has long been our general understanding that LBCC students are juggling multiple responsibilities in their lives that often compete with academic efforts. One such priority is maintaining stable housing. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness administered a student survey to assess the degree of housing stability among our current students in fall 2015. This research brief describes the findings from this survey effort.

Halfway There: An Analysis of Students who Complete 30 or More Units
Many students complete a large amount of coursework at LBCC but fail to transfer or earn a degree. This brief investigates these students, describing who they are and potential barriers to their completion.

How Can We Strengthen Basic Skills Courses at Long Beach City College?
LBCC offers extensive basic skills coursework in math, reading, and English that a vast majority of LBCC students experience. This brief describes basic skills participation, pilot interventions, and whether basic skills is related to transfer-level course success.

Skills Builders: Understanding Student Groups at LBCC
This brief describes students who attend LBCC to gain limited, specific knowledge or skills. These students complete a small number of units and leave LBCC without a formal completion, but they may realize value in their LBCC experience not formally measured.

Note: These research briefs are just a starting point in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness' effort to investigate the rich and varied student experiences  at LBCC. If you have questions or recommendations about future briefs, please contact Lauren Sosenko, the Director of Institutional Research, at or 562-938-4052.