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SI and Tutoring Programs - Faculty Information
Learning and Academic Resources

Faculty Application to Request SI for Fall 2017 is now available.
(pdf fillable application after download)

SI session_Gabe SI session_Ted


Services that can be requested by faculty:

Supplemental Instruction:
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a student success program that provides peer-led group study sessions for students in order to help improve their understanding of course material and increase the effectiveness of their study skills. There are two options that now are available.

Option 1 - Week to Week Course Content Study Sessions (requires application from faculty): This option is ideal for a faculty member who teaches several sections of a course and is closer to the traditional SI model. A trained SI Leader will support students attending all sections of the course you are applying for by facilitating SI study sessions outside of class. These SI sessions promote collaboration and other learning techniques in order to guide students through the material presented in class. (Please note that students attending a class where an instructor did not request SI is still eligible to attend SI sessions if one is available.)  The SI Leader would work closely with that faculty to determine content for their weekly sessions and material can be provided to the SI Leader or if the SI Leaders develop material on their own, it would be shared with and approved by the faculty member.  Ideally, the faculty member would submit a recommendation for a student to be their SI Leader, but if they do not have one, we will recommend someone from our pool of possible candidates.  (We also understand that there may be cases where there are only a few sections being offered for a course with the same corresponding number of instructors.  In such cases, rather than provide each instructor with their own SI Leader, we may only be able to provide one SI Leader to support the course and all the instructors for that course, but will evaluate those requests on a case by case basis.)

Option 2 (*New*) - General Topics Module Workshops (requires application from Department Head or Lead Faculty Liaison): This option is ideal for courses that may not need such detailed content support. If the course has overall general topics that tend to give students difficulty, and those topics are addressed at different times throughout the semester, the department can request the Module Workshop option.  The department would decide which workshop topics they would like the SI Leader(s) to deliver throughout the semester.  The workshop materials could be provided by the department or developed in collaboration with the SI Leader.  The workshop topics could be repeated several times throughout the semester to coincide with a specific class schedule, or when the class is ready for that topic, the faculty could then request the corresponding workshop module. Since there are courses that currently offer additional workshops through a success center (SLAs/DSGs), we will coordinate with the success center in order to avoid duplication.

How does SI work?
A trained SI Leader will facilitate SI study sessions or workshops outside of class.These SI sessions or workshops promote collaboration and other learning techniques in order to guide students through the material presented in class. The sessions are voluntary, anonymous, and free. Students and faculty agree that students earn higher grades as a result of attending SI sessions. To download the LBCC SI Faculty Guidebook to learn more.

What happens during an SI session?
In a typical SI session, students will compare notes, discuss important concepts, prepare for an upcoming quiz or exam, and develop better study strategies. Often, an SI leader will design an activity or game that is not only fun, but also educational. SI sessions are not meant to be substitutes for attending class; rather, they will enhance the material presented by the instructor and give students a chance to digest and apply it. To hear students talk about how SI has helped them, visit the International Center for Supplemental Instruction and watch this video.

The Module Workshops will cover various topics for the supported course that are considered the most challenging (as determined by the faculty members as a whole teaching the supported course.  The topics may be presented several times throughout the semester to coincide with the various sections.

What qualifications does an SI Leader have?
SI Leaders are students who have demonstrated proficiency in their target course and have previously earned a  "B" or higher in the class to which they are assigned, or they have an established history of success in a similar course and the subject area. Most are LBCC students, although some are working on B.A. or M.A. degrees at local universities. They are students working hard to accomplish their educational goals. They also attend regular training at LBCC.  Faculty members — we encourage you to recommend your outstanding students to be future SI Leaders.  To apply, students should download and complete the application available on the student Tutor or SI webpage.   Please note that although we encourage and depend on your student recommendations, specific requirements must be met in order for the student to be considered. Referrals do not guarantee an assignment.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be a full-time students (12 units for undergrads, 6 units if in a grad or credential program)
  • Must pass interview screening to be accepted into eligibility pool
  • Must pass TB test and a livescan background check if not an LBCC student 
  • Must be able to attend SI Leader pre-semester training in its entirety as well as regular follow-up training meetings
  • Must complete CRLA Certification Training

How do I request Supplemental Instruction for my classes?
Download and complete the Faculty Application for SI, then submit to Susan Fintland ( or Sean Dominguez (  You now also have the option to complete an online application form.  The deadline to submit the application for Fall 2017 is Monday, July 3rd. Even if you have received SI in the past, we need to have an official application on record for each term.  If your course is accepted and this is your first time receiving SI, you will be asked to have a brief orientation with the SI Program Coordinator.

How do we choose who receives SI?
  • Priority is given to "historically difficult" courses. These are courses have have a high DFW rate (Ds, Fs. or Withdrawals).
  • Priority will be given to instructors who submit their request form before the due date. 
  • Typically no more than 3 classes per instructor.
  • Look at history with the SI program and previous success.
  • Consider the availability of qualified SI Leaders (your recommendations are crucial)!
On-Demand Tutoring - New! (based on available Tutors/SI Leaders):

Not all courses may need full SI support but would still benefit from some support throughout the semester.  Therefore, when needed, faculty can request a tutor (or available SI Leader) to hold a group session for specific reasons such as:

  1. Test prep
  2. A particularly challenging topic
  3. Class project or assignment

The content/materials would be provided by the faculty member requesting the service.  The tutor (or SI Leader) would work with the faculty member to prepare for the session.  We ask that requests must be made with at least two week’s notice. Click the Request for On-Demand Tutoring Form link to download.

Services that can be requested by students:

  1. One to One Tutoring: tutors will be available through appointments or drop-in sessions to assist students with various subjects.  We will also ask tutors to meet with various faculty members to get a better idea of the topics being addressed in classes or upcoming tests dates so that they can better prepare to assist your students.

  2. Group Tutoring: at students' requests, tutors may hold group sessions to support multiple students at once.  For example, foreign language students studying the same language may benefit from the group tutoring format so that they can practice conversing with each other.

What if I have more questions?  562.938.4740 (LAC) or 562.938.3977 (PCC)

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