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CPC Membership




The CPC is co-chaired by the Academic Senate President and the Superintendent-President.

  1. All members of the President’s Executive Committee
  2. All members of the Academic Senate Executive Committee
  3. A representative from the instructional deans (appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs)
  4. A representative from the student services deans (appointed by the Vice President of Student Support Services)
  5. Two representatives appointed by ASB
  6. A representative appointed by CCA
  7. A representative appointed by CHI
  8. Two representatives appointed by AFT
  9. SLO Coordinator(s)
  10. One management representative appointed by the Superintendent-President
  11. Department Planning and Program Review Subcommittee Chair


CPC Charge


2016 - 2017 CPC Membership 


Position Fall 2015
 Co-Chair - Faculty  Karen Kane
 Co-Chair - Administration  Eloy Oakley
 Dean, Institutional Effectiveness  Eva Bagg
 VP - Economic Development  Lou Anne Bynum
 VP - Human Resources  Rose DelGaudio
 VP - Administrative Services  Ann-Marie Gabel
 VP - Student Services  Greg Peterson
 Senate Exec - Asst. President  vacant
 Senate Exec - Secretary/ Treasurer  John Downey
 Senate Exec. - LAC Rep  vacant
 Senate Exec. - LAC Rep  vacant
 Senate Exec. - PCC Rep  Christina Moorhead
 Senate Exec. - Legislative Liaison  Shauna Hagemann
 Senate Exec. - Curriculum Committee Chair  Kenna Hillman
 Senate Exec. - Faculty Prof. Dev. Coordinator  Jeri Florence
 Dean - Academic Affairs  Dina Humble
 Dean - Student Services  vacant
 ASB Rep  Cheyenne Phoenix
 ASB Rep  Wayne Bergman
 CCA Rep  Janét Hund
 CHI Rep  Karen Roberts
 AFT Rep  Thomas Hamilton
 AFT Rep  Therese Wheeler
 ASLO Coordinator  Haley Nguyen
ASLO Coordinator

Colin Williams
 Management Rep  John Pope
 DPPR Chair  Mike Biggs
 Planning Systems Analyst (Resource)  Jennifer Holmgren


CPC Meetings 2016-17

Day:       Thursdays

Time:     2:30 – 4:30 pm

Place:    T-1046

    •  Sep 8
    •  Oct. 6
    •  Nov 3
    •  Dec 1
    •  Feb 16
    •  Mar 16
    •  Apr 20
    •  May 18