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Writing and Reading Success Center 
Resources for Faculty


Downloadable Resources for Reading Faculty

SLA Syllabus Statement for Read Classes (Word)

Additional SLA Information for Syllabus (Word) 

WRSC Orientation PowerPoint Presentation Spring 2014

WRSC Orientation Handout Spring 2014(PDF)

English-Reading SLA Menu Spring 2014 (PDF)

Success Center Orientations Available

To increase participation in and understanding of the SLA requirement and additional resources, it is helpful to have a Success Center orientation for your class.  We encourage you to bring your entire class to the Writing and Reading Success Center for an orientation.  We also have staff available to visit your classroom and present the orientation information in person. While we recommend conducting Success Center Orientations at the beginning of the semester, faculty may schedule an orientation any time during the semester.

If you have not been contacted by Megan Keebler, Instructional Lab Coordinator for the Writing and Reading Success Center at LAC, regarding in-class and in-center orientations, please email or call her: ( or (562) 938-4524.

For PCC orientations, please contact Alison Bowers, Instructional Lab Coordinator for the Multidisciplinary Success Center at PCC: ( or (562) 938-3976.

If you prefer not to have an orientation, Success Center information materials can be placed in your mailbox in the department office.  Please email or call Jennifer Rodden ( or (562) 938-4639 if you would like materials delivered to your mailbox. 

You may also view and download orientation materials directly from this website--see Downloadable Resources above.

Supplemental Learning Assistance Requirement for Read 83, 82, 883, and 881

Students have the option of attending an instructor-led Workshop, a tutor-facilitated Directed Study Group (DSG) or completing a Directed Learning Activity (DLA) to fulfill the Supplemental Learning Assistance requirement for Read 83, 82, 883, and 881.


Workshops are facilitated by an instructor and require an appointment although unfilled workshops allow walk-ins.  Workshops take approximately one hour.  The instructor provides learning materials for students in a collaborative environment. Workshops have a maximum of 12 students.


Directed Learning Activities (DLAs) do not require appointments, but students need to plan for a minimum of one hour to work through the activity as well as discuss their understanding of the concepts they learned with an instructor and/or tutor one-on-one.  DLAs are unavailable between 12 and 1pm Monday-Thursday and one hour before closing time every day.


Directed Study Groups (DSGs) are facilitated by a tutor and require an appointment although unfilled DSGs allow walk-ins. In this collaborative study group activity, the tutor provides learning materials for students. Directed Study Groups take approximately one hour. DSGs have a maximum of five students.

**Activities must be completed outside of regularly scheduled class hours**


New SLA Verification Process:  **Eliminating Verification Sheets**

As we continue to streamline the SLA process for students and faculty and move towards a more paperless, student-centered approach, we plan to no longer use Verification Sheets starting in Spring 2014. Instead, we will be implementing the following steps (many of which we already follow):


  • Step 1:  After a student completes a workshop, DSG, or DLA, the tutoring staff (tutors and/or instructors) will sign and date the student's activity materials.
  • Step 2:  Next, the front counter staff will stamp the student's activity materials (Workshop, DSG, DLA). 
  • Step 3:  The signature, date, and stamp on the SLA materials verify that the student has successfully completed the SLA. 
  • Step 4:  Students will be instructed to submit the signed, dated, and stamped SLA materials to the instructor just like any other class assignment in order to receive credit for the completed SLA. 

SLA Completion Dates for Spring 2014
(For Reading classes, students must adhere to the following completion dates and deadlines)

1st Activity: Feb. 10th – Mar. 15th

2nd Activity: Mar. 17th – Apr. 19th

3rd Activity: Apr. 28th – May 28th

*DLAs end May 17   *DSGs & Workshops end May 28