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Family Members (Dependents)
Veteran Services Office

Chapter 35 - Dependent Educational Assistance (DEA)

Under this chapter, educational assistance is paid to dependents of veterans. Students are eligible for a monthly stipend and VA Workstudy.

Persons who may be eligible are:

  • A child (between ages 18 and 26, with some exceptions), or surviving spouse of a veteran who died in service; or who died of a service-connected disability; or who died while evaluated as having total and permanent service-connected disability; or who is listed as a POW/MIA.
  • A child of a veteran who is permanently and totally disabled due to a service-related condition; or who is listed as a POW/MIA.
  • A spouse of a veteran or serviceperson who has a permanent disability resulting from a service-connected disability; or who is listed as a POW/MIA.
  • Surviving spouses whose benefits stopped when they remarried can receive DEA benefits again if their remarriage ends by death or divorce, or they cease to live with the person to whom they were married.
How to Apply for Chapter 35

If you have never applied for Chapter 35 benefits before, Complete the  form 22-5490 and submit it to the appropriate regional office (located on the last page of application).

If you have received Chapter 35 benefits at another school, or if you are a continuing student at LBCC and are changing your major, please fill out the following form (change of school/change of program) and bring it into the Veterans' Affairs Office on the PCC campus: form 22-5495

**Please see New Students or Returning Students (whichever is applicable) for more detailed information.

Transfer of Entitlement / Fry Scholarship

Students may also be eligible for a Transfer of Entitlement or Fry Scholarship β€” both benefits that mirror the benefits of Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill. 

  • Transfer of Entitlement - The transferability option under the Post-9/11 GI Bill allows Service members to transfer all or some unused benefits to their spouse or dependent children. The Department of Defense (DoD) determines whether or not they can transfer benefits to their family. Once the DoD approves benefits for transfer, the new beneficiaries apply for them at VA. This transfer must occur whilst a service member is actively engaged in military service.
  • Fry Scholarship β€” Children and surviving spouses of an active duty member of the Armed Forces who died in the line of duty on or after September 11, 2001 are eligible for this benefit. Children are eligible as of their 18th birthday (unless they have already graduated high school). A child may be married or over 23 and still be eligible, although their eligibility ends on their 33rd birthday. A spouse will lose eligibility to this benefit upon remarriage. A spouse has 15 years from the date of death of the Service member to use the benefit.
How to Apply for Transfer of Entitlement / Fry Scholarship
  • Transfer of Entitlement -Once an active military member has successfully transferred their benefits, the family member utilizing their benefits must complete an Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits form (22-1990e) located here and submit it their appropriate regional office.
  • Fry Scholarship β€” Complete the  form 22-5490 and submit it to the appropriate regional office (located on the last page of application). FYI-An individual can only utilize one, Chapter 35 or the Fry Scholarship, in their lifetime. Once a benefit has been selected, they are unable to switch.
The CalVet Fee Waiver

The College Tuition Fee Waiver for Veterans’ Dependents (also known as the CalVet Fee Waiver) waives mandatory system-wide tuition and fees at any State of California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus. This program does not cover expenses like books, housing and parking. To be eligible, the student must:

  • Have a parent who is a disabled veteran (0% or more disabled, proof my be required); or
  • Have a spouse who is service-connected deceased or rated 100% service-connected disabled;
  • Be a child earning less than $12,119 per year (AY 2014-2015) (student's income, not parents').
  • Attend a California Community College, California State University, or a University of California school.
  • Provide proof of the student's relationship to the veteran such as a copy of a birth, marriage, or domestic partnership certificate.
  • The student must meet the in-state residency requirements as determined by the school.

To obtain complete eligbility requirements and the application, please visit the California College Fee Waiver Page.

Processing the CalVet Fee Waiver

At this time, California Veteran Fee Waivers can only be processed by California Veteran Service Offices.

Using the Cal Vet Fee Waiver Program at LBCC
  • Program application and approval
    Apply through a County Veterans Service Office each school year that you plan to use the program.
  • Letter of Eligibility
    A letter will be issued by a County Veterans Certification Office if the student is approved to use the Cal Vet Fee Waiver program.
  • Providing Letter of Eligibility to LBCC
    Once received, the program eligibility letter must be submitted to the LBCC Veterans' Affairs Office.
What Fees are Waived through the Cal Vet Fee Waiver Program?

Students will have tuition costs waived. All students will still be responsible for the college services fee, health fee, and parking (if requested).