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Long Beach City College
Web Standards


All LBCC websites must adhere to the policy as outlined here. Any third-party contracted to design LBCC websites must comply with these policies before the websites are hosted on the LBCC servers. Please contact the LBCC Webmaster should you require assistance regarding the web policy at This policy supplements the Long Beach City College District Policies and Regulations

Accessibility Policy

LBCC adheres to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973-American Disability Act. LBCC also follows the W3C Web Content accessibility guidelines. Refer to LBCC Accessibility page for detailed policies.

Content Validity

Web publishers (content owners) at LBCC are responsible for the content of their websites. Content shall be kept up to date and follow campus standards/policies as well as federal/state guidelines. LBCC Webmaster reserves the right to remove content violating LBCC policy.

Commercial Links

LBCC websites should not link to commercial sites that sell products and/or be sponsored from commercial companies in exchange for advertising.

Hosting of Websites

Official LBCC websites shall not be hosted on external servers to LBCC for security reasons. All links and content on LBCC websites are subject to review by the Community Relations Office. Furthermore, ACIT has restricted the hosting of subdomains prefixed by www.

Development Restrictions

For security reasons, Web applications that incorporate sensitive/personal data shall only be developed by the staff of ACIT. For more information about sensitive information click on the following link: Sensitive Information


All web forums at Long Beach City College will have a moderator that will oversee the content being posted. The moderator is responsible for ensuring that the content of the LBCC forums complies with the Long Beach City College legal obligations.

 LBCC Logo


LBCC Logo - For LBCC branding please contact Community Relations and Marketing.
Favicon.ico - For LBCC branding consistency, click on the following link to access the policies for creating a Long Beach City College favicon.ico.
LBCC Domain name convention

All Long Beach City College domain names must adhere to the following naming convention:


All LBCC websites must adhere to applicable copyright laws. Copyright protects expression -- your expression and that of others. All original expression is eligible for copyright protection as soon as it is fixed in a tangible form: In fact, almost all original expression is protected as soon as it is expressed. Virtually everything you can upload and download on the Web is protected by copyright.

Items NOT eligible for copyright protection include: Ideas, facts, titles, names, short phrases, and blank forms

While it is easy to download and copy files (text, photographs, graphics, sound, movies, etc.) from the Web, you must have permission from the copyright holder to use them on your own Web pages (or anywhere else). Under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Long Beach City College is obligated to take appropriate action if it receives a complaint that copyrighted material is being published over our network without permission from the copyright holder.

LBCC Policy Manual:
LBCC Web Publisher's Responsibility
     Ensure the quality, accuracy, and accessibility of your web site. In particular:
Legal Obligations
  Do not include illegal, offensive, threatening or harassing material, or anything which can constitute a criminal offense (this includes copyright violations); use for commercial activity. Any Web page or link that is found to violate these principles will be removed immediately.
  All personal information is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 and should be used only with the consent of that person. Furthermore, the hosting of documents that include sensitive/personal data must be discussed with ACIT to insure appropriate levels of security.
  All pages should comply with the campus accessibility policy.
Campus Branding
  Your homepage and supportive web pages should clearly identify itself as part of the campus Web site and adhere to LBCC web standards.
  Follow URL naming convention as provided by Campus webmaster. You should also keep the file extension (i.e. htm, html,shtml) consistent across your site.
  Ensure all information is current and accurate
Always check spelling and grammar;
Deal with errors promptly once notified
Do not duplicate information published elsewhere, use links
Notify Web team when you leave/no longer publish.
     It is important to remember that you are promoting LBCC's reputation and image world-wide. The aim is to adopt good practice and provide quality service.