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Learning Objectives and Examples
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  • A minimum of Three On-The-Job Learning Objectives are required each semester. The “Learning Objective Form” is to be used to document the objectives that the student, supervisor, and instructor agree upon.  The objectives must be job related, specific, realistic, measurable and attainable within the time frame of the semester. They must be within the scope of the job assignment and reach beyond normal assigned duties.  Students will work with both their instructor and employment supervisor in establishing the learning objectives. Three unique objectives are required for each job site assignment.

  • Each of  the three objectives must be successfully completed (“S” rating or higher).

  • The supervisor will evaluate student performance based on how well the student successfully meets the three established learning objectives.

  • The criteria and format guidelines are provided below to assist in developing the “three on-the-job learning objectives”. 
    • CRITERIA:     
      1. Job related / Specific
      2. Measureable
      3. Achievable within the semester
      4. Learned on-the-job
      • "My objective is to:_____"(What)
      • "This will be measured by:_____"(How/method)
      • "This will be accomplished by:_____"(When/date)
      • "This will be evaluated by:_____"(Who/name)
  • LBCC Vocational Cooperative Work Experience does not involve internships or job shadowing.  When composing the three on-the-job learning objectives, avoid using the terms/phrase: Training, Observing, Under Supervision, Intern, Job Shadowing and Internship.

  • Five pairs of examples of learning objectives are provided below to help differenciate the good and not-good objectives. Learning objectives should be stated in specific, measurable terms. In the examples below the same objective is stated in two different ways. “A” is the correct way as it is specific and measurable. “B” is the incorrect as it is either too general or not measurable.

    Pair 1: 
    1. Prior to the end of the semester I will have constructed a web site consisting of at least 6 Display Advertising layouts which have been used by customers of the newspaper.  My supervisor will evaluate my work.
    2. I will learn to do layouts for newspaper display advertising. 

    Pair 2:
    1. I will improve communication with my clients through direct feed-back by asking clients how well I communicate with them and keeping a record of their answers. My supervisor will check my record and this will be completed prior to the end of the semester.
    2. I will improve communication between my clients and myself.

    Pair 3:
    1. By ______(date within semester), I will take inventory of all stock items and make a list of items which have had no demand for 6 months or more and submit it to my supervisor.
    2. I will take steps to weed out all dead and obsolete stock.

    Pair 4:
    1. Prior to the end of the semester I will increase the number of maintenance follow-up reports from 2 to 4 per week and track them on the computer for my supervisor’s review.
    2. I'll try to do more follow-up reports.

    Pair 5:
    1. I will increase monthly sales by 10% by selling related products, increasing my product knowledge, and by studying various "sales" oriented texts.  My supervisor will evaluate through review of sales receipts and it will be completed by _____ (date within the semester).
    2. I will increase my sales each week.