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Alumni Association


The 1929 Long Beach City College football team

This photo was sent by Dick Landes, son of Loyd Landes, who served as ASB President in the Fall of 1930. It was taken at Wilson High School when LBJC (LBCC) was located there.

If you have any historic photos you would like to share, please send them to us, either electronically or by mail; we will scan them and return them to you

Our Mission

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to develop and maintain a continuing link between the alumni, the students, the College, and the community; to help the College carry out its mission; and to encourage the continued support of those who contribute to the financial-giving programs established by the Foundation.

Our History

The Long Beach City College Alumni Association began in 1929 with just a few members, but by 1934 it had grown into a thriving program with a large enrollment; for example, out of the 1,090 students enrolled by 1932, 1,000 alumni gathered to renew their affiliation. This was one of the largest alumni programs of any junior college in the country. The challenge was to keep it growing. In 1937, under the leadership of Bill Harris and Robert White, the Association enjoyed a spirit of togetherness and formed a relationship between business and education that became a tradition.

The Alumni Association first came together at the Varsity-Alumni football game, which opened the football season during the years 1938-1941 and 1945-1955. One of the major purposes for which the Alumni Athletic Council sponsored the game was to raise funds that would help the Viking program offer jobs and limited scholarship assistance to athletes. Hundreds of Viking athletes, in all sports, were assisted by the Alumni Work Fund during what was known then as "Old Home Week"—now Homecoming.

A database was created for the Alumni Association using the College's club system. Research led back to 1927, with names collected from the records of the Drama Workshop (led by Miss Katharyn Kennedy), the men's and women's glee clubs, orchestra, pep bands, Forensics, the Viking Newspaper and Saga staff (who recently celebrated a reunion of editors-in-chief and staff), and the many other clubs that hold great memories.


Regular membership in the Association is granted to any individual who attended the College as a student, and to faculty and staff, both current and retired. Charter membership is an honorary form of membership awarded to those alumni who helped Jeri Wiggins Florence with the formation of the modern Association that took place during the years 1978-1985. School spirit and Viking traditions are continued through membership in the Association.

Benefits of Membership

There are numerous benefits of being a member of the LBCC Alumni Association. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Communication with other alumni through reunions, get-togethers, receptions, Homecoming and Hall of Fame events,
  • Opportunities to advance educationally or career-wise through friendships and networking with successful alumni, faculty, staff, and College supporters
  • Connection to alumni vacations, travel opportunities, and special discounts to selected campus events
  • Information about upcomingcampus events and special alumni events through the Alumni UpDate magazine
  • Access to many campus facilities and services
  • Preferred seating at selected campus events