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Promise Pathways
Mutual Responsibility Agreement
I understand that Promise Pathways is designed by LBCC to support my success in completing a certificate, degree, and/or transferring to a four-year college. By remaining in good standing in the program I am eligible to receive:
  • Placement into the English (including ESL coursework if needed), math, and/or reading classes I need, based upon the results of my assessment.
  • Promise Pathways Priority registration in the first year into courses on my Student Education Plan.
  • Academic and career counseling, including the development of a Student Education Plan and the support I need to understand and follow that plan.
  • Activities, support services, and events designed to provide the information and support I need to complete my educational goals at LBCC.
I understand that to remain in good standing in Promise Pathways, I will take responsibility for:
  • Identifying my educational goals and major, so that I can determine which classes I need to take.
  • Maintaining full-time enrollment (12 or more units) per semester, based on my Student Education Plan, so that I can accomplish my educational goals such as, finishing my certificate, earning a degree or transferring to a four-year college. For any changes to my educational plan, I will see a counselor to ensure my continued academic success.
  • Taking my English (or ESL), math, and/or reading courses during my first year at LBCC so that I have the skills I need to be successful in all of my other college courses.
  • Maintaining a 2.0 GPA and completing at least 67% of the courses I take each semester. If necessary, I agree to participate in academic intervention activities to regain my good standing.
  • Adhering to all LBCC college policies related to academic progress, financial aid, and other LBCC requirements.
  • Participating in activities, support services, and events provided by Promise Pathways that support my academic goals.
  • Communicating with my success team regularly to get the support I need both academically and personally.
  • Participating in activities, support services, and events provided by Promise Pathways that support my academic goals.
  • Coming prepared to the first week of classes with my required textbooks and materials, with confidence that I can reach my educational goals and with the knowledge that I will receive the support of the entire institution to do so!
I understand that to be eligible to participate in the Promise Pathways Program I need to have graduated from an eligible high school in 2016.
I have read the above requirements and benefits. I understand that this agreement is valid until I officially withdraw, graduate, transfer, meet eligibility limitations, or fail to remain in good standing. I hereby authorize the release of information to Promise Pathways from the informational resources of the college and from my high school district for the purpose of following my academic progress and to assist with the design, evaluation, and improvement of Promise Pathways once I have been admitted to the program.