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International Student Program

Travel Requests

In order to avoid any delays on the approval of your request please submit all the required documents. If you have submitted your request and missing one of the requirements below, make sure to take care of it immediately to avoid a delay on your approval.


1. Travel Request Form – no incomplete forms will be accepted. Any missing information on the form will cause a delay in not getting your I-20 signed in time.

 2. Original "updated" I-20.

 3. Current active Medical Insurance (Spring/Summer 2016).

 If you have a medical insurance violation (failed to purchased the required medical insurance this semester) you will be required to purchase Fall/Winter 2016 insurance before your request may be approved and before you may register for classes. Fall/Winter insurance will not be available for purchase until the end of June, therefore we will mail your original I-20 once proof of purchase has been made from your home country and forward to me via email. 

** Purchase of Express mail service from EshipGlobal will be required to mail your I-20 after approval **

 4. Continue your studies at LBCC Fall 2016 (Register for classes (12 units) between July 5 and July 15, 2016).

5. Valid passport in your file.

6. SEVIS record in good status (Complete 12 units this semester - end of Spring).

Fall/Winter Insurance Requirement: Make sure to check your emails periodically while you are in your home country this summer. I will be emailing everyone as soon as the medical insurance is available to purchase online in order to remove the medical insurance hold and be able to enroll in 12 units after July 5th. Failure to be enrolled in 12 units before the start of the semester may jeopardize your active I-20. Any violation in your SEVIS record may not allow you to re-enter the U.S. Make sure to take care of your enrollment and all fee requirements to avoid any violations.

Fall 2016 schedule of classes available on May 25, 2016!

Click here for: Fall 2016 Class Schedules

End of Spring Semester

We are soon approaching the end of the Spring semester and here are some important reminders regarding your 12 units completion SEVIS requirement to be in good status, Travel request, Transferring out, and Returning home. Please review each section thoroughly to make sure that you take care of your SEVIS record accordingly. Failure to notify our office on any of these issues may affect your immigration status and immigration record.

12 units SEVIS Requirement

As all of you know, SEVIS requires that you enrolled in 12 units at the start of the semester and complete the 12 units with a letter grade in order to avoid falling out of status (Termination of SEVIS record) at end of the semester. It is your responsibility to log-in to your PeopleSoft account through the semester to make sure that you are enrolled and completing the required 12 units. A "W" and "Incomplete" unit(s) does NOT count and may put you out of status. You must receive a letter grade (A,B,C,D, or F), C/NC, P/NP to count the units.  For those of you who are currently under 12 units, you are out of status and you are required to call 562-938-4745  to schedule an appointment with me (Nelly Delgado) to discuss your current options for this violation.

Summer Travel Request

If you are planning to travel to your home country this summer and have your travel dates available you must bring your "original" updated I-20 and complete the "Travel Request Form" in the International Office. Requirements to receive travel approval:

  • Travel Request Form - completed.
  • Original updated I-20.
  • Valid Passport in your file.
  • Medical Insurance purchased for the current semester.
  • Continue your studies at LBCC full time Fall 2016.
  • 12 units completion Spring 2016 (Good status).

All travel  request will be processed the first week of June. Processing time is 7-10 days from date receipt.

Transferring Out:

If you are transferring out to another institution at the end of the semester you must complete the "Discontinue Form" and attach a copy of your official "Acceptance Letter" (Admission Offer letters can NOT be accepted). These requests will be processed the second-third week of June. Your SEVIS record must be in ACTIVE status to transfer out.

Grace period to transfer out:  60 days from last class attendance.

Returning Home:

If you are planning to return home at the end of the semester, you must complete the "Discontinue Form" and attach a copy of your "Airline Ticket" before your departure.

Grace period to return home and exit the U.S.: 60 days from last class attendance.

Counseling Appointments

Remember that you must meet with Judy Oh to take care of your comprehensive education plan and discuss any academic issues about your current semester classes. 

You must schedule an appointment to meet with Judy once every semester. 

International Students Counseling Hours

Spring 2016

Tuesdays:  9:30-7:00  (Office hour: 5-6 p.m.) 
Wednesdays:  9:30-7:00  (Office hour:  4-5 p.m.) 
Thursdays:  9:30-6:30  (Office hour:  9:30-10:30 a.m.)

*Office hours are available first-come, first-served for quick questions or urgent issues.  Educational Plans will not be created during office hours. 

Please call the International Student Office to schedule an appointment at 562-938-4745. 

Medical Health Insurance Requirement/Peoplesoft Holds - Due Now!

If you have NOT yet purchased your Medical Health Insurance for Spring/Summer 2016 a HOLD has been placed on your PeopleSoft record. With a HOLD on your record, we will NOT be able to process or have access to any request!!! If you want your HOLD removed, you MUST purchase your Spring/Summer 2016 insurance NOW.  Pay online with a Visa/Master Card ONLY, following these instructions:

1.         Go to the website:

2.         Click on “International Plans” (down the left hand side; in blue)

3.         Select a State (California) in the drop-down box

4.         Select your School (Long Beach City College) in the drop-down box

5.         Click on “Apply Online Now”

6.         Create an Account (with username and password)

7.         Login and choose the desired coverage (Spring/Summer 2016)

8.         Continue to payment, select mode of payment, and pay by credit card

If you have any technical issues, email your enrollment form (PDF) with your credit card payment information by clicking here:

International Student Lounge Hours

(E Building/Downstairs- E07L)
Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM –1:00 PM

The International Student Lounge is open to all “International Students”.  The lounge is a place for international students to study and relax between classes. Due to the limit of space, the lounge cannot be available for domestic students, but International Students ONLY.

If you need to print, we will be providing up to 10 pages per day for you to print homework assignments, FREE!  Make sure to ask the staff at the front desk for paper. If you are feeling tired and sleepy between classes, stop by our office for FREE coffee or tea! 

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