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Academic Services
Office of Academic Services

LBCC At Long Beach City College, the Office of Academic Services oversees a variety of areas, listed below.


Online Schedule of Classes
A class schedule is published each fall, summer, and spring and is available on the college website. The schedule contains registration and fee information as well as a list of courses offered for a specific term.

The scheduling area is responsible for the production process that creates the schedule of classes, which includes room reservations, faculty workload, and class configuration. The process is coordinated each term, generally including two draft schedule runs distributed to departments for editing. Technical assistance is provided to college colleagues related to meeting patterns, class coding, workload, and use of PeopleSoft. The schedule of classes is reviewed for quality control for legal requirements, college policy, and collective bargaining provisions.

College Catalog
The LBCC College Catalog is published each year and is also available on the college website. It contains information on admission to the college, campus procedures, student support and special programs, graduation requirements, degrees and certificate and transfer information, a list and description of all approved college courses, and a listing of full-time faculty and administrators with their disciplines and degrees.

The curriculum area is responsible for the creation of the college catalog of curriculum, instructional programs, policies and staff for a variety of audiences. Curriculum documents are reviewed for compliance with legal requirements and adherence to good practice document preparation. Working within the peer review process, new courses and changes to existing courses are recommended for approval. Technical assistance is provided to college colleagues.

Enrollment Management
Academic Services provides support for Enrollment Management activities and the campus data warehouse. Activities are related to the Scheduling Component of Enrollment Management and include reporting, monitoring targets, tracking trends, projecting FTES, estimating hourly expenses, and providing support to schools and departments related to enrollment management.

Study Abroad

(Note: The Study Abroad program is currently suspended. Stay tuned for updates in future semesters.)

Did you know that you can take some of your LBCC classes in a foreign country? Every summer we offer study abroad programs in interesting places throughout the world. Our classes are fully accredited, fully transferable, and taught by LBCC faculty. It's just as if you were taking them at LAC or PCC - except you're taking them in a foreign country! Imagine studying Spanish in Spain, German in Germany, French in Paris, art in Ireland, geography in Australia, or sociology in Ghana... You can imagine what a unique experience this would be! Your learning experience would no longer be limited to the classroom: it would surround you 24/7! These are only some of the programs that we have offered. Expand your horizons with LBCC!

Have an international experience while enrolled in Long Beach City College!