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Office of Academic Services

All Long Beach City College courses are routinely reviewed every six years. The Academic Services Office publishes a list of courses to be reviewed during each academic year and distributes that list to department heads and school deans. In turn, department heads involve faculty in the review process and provide leadership in this effort. This process should assess the relevance of our curriculum to our college mission and educational goals and objectives. For additional information on the review process, please see the Faculty Curriculum Reference Book.

After the course has been updated using the Web database and the department head and school dean have signed electronically, please notify the Curriculum Database Specialist that the review is complete by sending an email to

The Faculty Resource Center help desk can provide support services for faculty in regards to the Course Outline. These services will focus on the technical aspects of the documents and data entry.


Curriculum Review
Course Review

Course Review Process 2017-2018
Course Review Process 2017-2021  New
Course Review is a 6-year cycle. All department heads rebalanced the adopted courses within this cycle for the years 2017-21. That information is provided here for planning purposes. These dates will be not only for Course Review but Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes for courses will also parallel this cycle. This means that when a course is due for its routine course review its course assessment plan should be completed and re-evaluation plan for the next ongoing cycle will commence and be documented in the Program Plan in TracDat.
Distance Learning

Adobe PDF Approved Courses for Distance Learning Modality
(The information in these documents was compiled on June 1, 2017.)