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Outcomes Assessment Archive
Outcomes Assessment

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Welcome to the Assessment Archives! On this page you will find historical proposals, presentations, and other informational documents related to the implementation of outcomes assessment at LBCC.

Outcome-ings and Goings Newsletters

The official Outcome-ings and Goings was the official outcomes assessment newsletter for LBCC and was published from 2010 to 2012. This newsletter provided administrators, faculty, and staff with information related to student learning outcomes and service unit outcomes assessment at the college. 

ASLO March 2010                                     ASLO April 2010                              ASLO May 2010
ASLO September 2010                              ASLO October 2010                         ASLO November 2010
ASLO December 2010                               ASLO March 2011                            ASLO May 2011
ASLO September/October 2011                 ASLO December 2011                      ASLO May 2012

White Papers

A white paper is an authoritative report that often addresses issues and how to solve them. White papers educate readers and help people make decisions. White papers were created at LBCC from 2009 to 2012 to educate faculty and staff about the various aspects of student learning outcomes assessment and service unit outcomes assessment. 

                          Adjunct Faculty Participation                                     Course Assessment Planning
Program SLOs on Curriculum Guides                         Assessment of SLOs v. Grades
Program Assessment Planning                                  Sampling
SLOs v. SUOs                                                         SLOs on Syllabi 2011

Institution Level Assessment 

LBCC's institutional level outcomes assessment is currently being revised by the ASLO subcommittee. Historic documentation regarding general education outcomes assessment can be found in this section. 

GEO Assessment Process

Institutional Assessment Assumptions
GEO Assessment Initiative
GEO Timeline Operational Plan
GEO Assessment Timeline Grid
Philosophy of General Education

GEO Rubrics

GEO Cultural Sensitivity Rubric
GEO Democracy Rubric
GEO Oral Communication Rubric
GEO Reading Rubric
GEO Writing Rubric

GEO Curriculum Mapping

GEO Curriculum Mapping Preliminary Report 2010
GEO Preliminary Report Executive Summary
GEO Preliminary Report Outline
GEO Curriculum Map Addendum 2011
GEO Curriculum Map Status Report 2011
GEO Curriculum Map Status Report 2012

Other Historical Assessment Documents

LBCC Principles of Assessment
LBCC Definition of a Program