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Educational Assessment Research Analyst I (EARA I)
Outcomes Assessment

Contact your EARAI by following this link

Under the direction of the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Student success, consistent with the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Subcommittee of Curriculum (ASLO), the EARAI provides specialized assistance related to the integration of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment, instructional improvement, institutional evaluation systems, and manages the campus-wide assessment data reporting system (TracDat).

The EARAI acts as a resource to faculty in designing and evaluating departmental SLO assessments, including, but not limited to, examining the efficacy of assessment tools, recommending appropriate assessment tools, recommending sampling procedures, developing processes and tools for collecting course and program assessment data from departments, and analyzing and interpreting collected SLO assessment data. The EARA1 recommends options for assessing institutional outcomes and conducts statistical analyses for faculty to use in determining gaps in student learning and in developing actionable improvement plans.

EARA I Responsibilities

The EARA I will carry out the responsibilities for the following activities:

  • Being the Administrator for TracDat: troubleshooting, creating/deleting user accounts, adding new courses or programs/removing inactive ones.  

  • Running reports for ACCJC, Hiring Priorities, Department Head meetings, etc.

  • Analyzing disaggregated data at the course and program level when data is derived from valid/reliable measures of learning.

  • Offering Trainings/Meetings to explain how to improve methodologies/analysis of data or to teach how to edit in TracDat.

  • Assisting with creating methodologies and analyzing data for ILOs/GEOs

Please note that the EARI does not provide assistance for the following, as these are the responsibilities of departmental faculty and SLO Facilitators:

  • Entering any SLO related information into TracDat at course or program levels (i.e., SLOs, Methods, Results, Actions)  

  • Collecting, aggregating, and/or analyzing data for departments (except for programs collecting student IDs to disaggregate data)  

  • Meeting with Departments to discuss SLOs (unless it is to give advice on how to improve methods/results)

  • Maintaining or creating any Google Doc websites