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Frequently Asked Questions
Outcomes Assessment

Welcome to the frequently asked questions page. Click on any question below to reveal the answer.

Questions about Assessment in General

What are student learning outcomes (SLOs)? 

Why do we need to assess SLOs? 

Who is involved in SLO assessment? 

Who is directly responsible for conducting SLO assessment? 

Do contract education and distance learning courses need to participate in the assessment process? 

Does each SLO need to be assessed every semester? 

Questions about SLO Statements

How often should I create new SLOs? 

How many SLOs should my course have? 

Should my course SLOs be on my syllabus? 

Questions about Results, Actions Taken, and TracDat

What will be done with the results of my course assessment? 

Will assessment data be used to evaluate faculty or staff? 

Is there an end to this process? 

What is TracDat? 

How do I get access to TracDat?