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Instructional programs are more than a collection of random courses. Each program prepares students for a goal, such as transfer to a university or entering the workforce, with a definite set of skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Program SLOs

Why do program SLOs exist?

We realize that students typically have many other time commitments, so they need to know exactly what they’ll learn, how they’ll be able to use that knowledge, and be assured that the investment they are making in their education is worth it. Program SLOs will help you understand the expertise you are expected to gain from each of our instructional programs. Instructional programs use and assess SLOs to ensure that LBCC delivers an engaging and relevant learning experience to students like you.

How are program SLOs created and assessed?

Department faculty work together to define the SLOs for each degree program; this includes any certificates of achievement. Like course SLOs, program SLOs are expressed in statements of what students will be able to think, know, do or feel because of a particular educational experience. However, unlike course SLOs, program SLOs define what students should learn by the time they complete a specific program and during the final stages of a program, instructors assess students’ demonstrated proficiency of the SLOs. Faculty then analyze this information to improve our programs for students.

Do I need to know the program SLOs for my degree program/certificate?

The SLOs for your program of study represent the overall learning goals for that program. Knowing these can help you to understand what a department’s faculty believe is important for you to learn once you have completed a sequence of study. Thus, it is recommended that you do find out what a program’s SLOs are and think about how they might affect your approach to a program’s expectations.

How do I find out what the SLOs are for MY degree program or certificate?

You can find a program’s SLOs by asking a faculty or staff member in your department or checking the program’s curriculum or transfer guides.

Curriculum guides provide information about instructional programs at LBCC that may culminate in a Certificate of Accomplishment, a Certificate of Achievement, or an Associate of Arts or Science Degree. Click here to go to the curriculum guides website.

Transfer guides provide information about an instructional program at LBCC that may culminate in an Associate of Arts or Science for Transfer Degree, as well as appropriate preparation for transfer to a four-year college or university. Click here to go to the transfer guide website.

How do I find the program SLOs for ANY degree program or certificate? 

Knowing what outcomes each of our programs delivers can help you make an informed choice about enrolling at LBCC. A collection of all the college's instructional program SLOs can be found at the college outcomes web page. By visiting this central location you can review and compare SLO information for different instructional programs to help you choose a program that matches your personal and professional goals.Click here to go to the college outcomes website.