The Trades are Back
7 new and revised CTE programs for the 2019 Fall Semester

Practicing welding

Long Beach City College is proud to announce 7 new and revised Career Technical Education (CTE) programs for the 2019 Fall Semester. CTE programs offer a large number of courses that can lead you directly into the workforce or help you advance in your current one after you complete a degree or certificate in 2 years or less.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology – New Program

A person working on computer to operate manufacturing technologyThe Advanced Manufacturing Technology program prepares students for employment in the advanced manufacturing industry, including careers in aerospace, medical device industry, and automotive aftermarket. The program provides an understanding of the manufacturing industry’s requirements for employment, and helps students to acquire entry-level job skills through lecture and hands-on experience. The program and instructors will be certified by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS).

  • Associate of Science Degree: Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Certificates of Achievement: Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Core Skills, Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technology

Advanced Transportation Technology – Revised Program

A female worker examining the bottom of an automotive with a flash light for auto repair The Advanced Transportation Technology program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for today’s technicians, service writers, and parts support specialists who want to enter a career in the growing field of Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles, and/or Alternative Fueled Vehicles. Students will learn the latest technology while working on vehicles ranging from passenger hybrid cars to heavy-duty Compressed Natural Gas engines.

  • Associate of Science Degree to be offered: Advanced Transportation Technology
  • Certificates of Achievement: Advanced Transportation Technology, Alternate Fuel Vehicles, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Automotive technology – new program

Two people working on automotive engine LBCC’s classes provide students with a strong background in automotive technology, hands-on experience, and an understanding of the automotive industry’s requirements for employment. LBCC prepares students for entry-level automotive positions and teaches skills in introductory general automotive repair, engine repair, electrical system repair, and automotive light diesel
technology. In addition, LBCC Automotive Classes offer automotive industry certifications NC3/Snap-On Tools and prepare students to pass the ASE Certification Exam.

  • Associate of Science Degree: Automotive Technology
  • Certificates of Achievement: Automotive Technology, Automotive Service, Automotive Engine and Transmission Service, Automotive Engine Performance Service
  • Certificate of Accomplishment: Automotive Quick Service

Construction Technology – new program

Two workers working on housing construction The Construction Technology program has courses that can be divided into three major areas of emphasis: Residential Trades, Home Remodeling and Pre-apprenticeship. Knowing that a vast diversity of occupations exist within the construction industry and recognizing that individual student needs are diverse, a Certificate of Achievement can be designed that satisfies those specific needs. Attainment of the Certificate of Completion satisfies the major requirement for the Associates in Science degree in Construction Technology.

  • Associate of Science Degree: Construction Technology
  • Certificates of Achievement: Construction Technology, Home Remodeling
  • Certificate of Accomplishment: Construction Pre-Apprenticeship

Electrical Technology – New Program

A person working on Electrical circuit with a reader Long Beach City College prepares students for entry-level employment in numerous electrical and electrically related trades. Upon completion of the Electrical Technology program, the student will be able to install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment and systems in a safe and workman-like manner.

  • Associate of Science Degree: Electrical Technology
  • Certificates of Achievement: Electrical Technology, Electrical Apprenticeship Preparation, Automation Technician, CISCO Certified Network Installation Associate, General Industrial Electrician, NETA High V

Engineering Technology – New program

A person using computer device to operate Engineering Technology The Engineering Technology program provides students with an understanding of the industrial and engineering technology industry’s requirements for employment, and helps them to acquire entry-level job skills through lecture and hands-on experience. Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of the engineering technology field, engineering design, principles of engineering technology, digital electronics technology and computer integrated manufacturing.

  • Associate of Science Degree: Engineering Technology
  • Certificates of Achievement: Engineering Technology, Engineering Automation Technology

Welding Technology – New Program

A person working on welding wearing a mask and gloves The Welding Technology program provides the necessary technical skills, knowledge, and attitude to prepare students for their desired career and to provide advanced training in a variety of occupations in the welding and metal fabrication industry.

  • Associate of Science Degree: Welding Technology
  • Certificate of Achievement: Welding Technology


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