Cindy Baker
Deputy Director, Finance & Accounting

Contact LAC, T-2004

Administer the Accounting & Reporting Office, Accounts Payable and the Cashiers Office.  

  • Accounting & Reporting is accountable for providing a comprehensive and auditable financial management system to support the instructional, student services and administrative needs of the college. The Office duties include maintaining a strong district internal control system and procedures.  Additionally, the Office reviews purchases to verify that appropriate account codes are used, sufficient resources have been budgeted and fall within Federal, State, Local and District guidelines, requirements, policies, and regulations. The Accounting and Reporting staff also process travel, maintain inventory records, accounts receivable, and reconcile all cash accounts.  They monitor activity, detect and correct any errors, work directly with program managers, department chairs and administrators to prepare expenditure reports for internal management purposes.  The Office works with budget administrators to ensure external funding agency requirements are met, and close the books to prepare the district’s consolidated financial statements.  Fiscal Services staff train financial system users in everyday tasks and year-end closeout activities.
  • Accounts Payable is responsible for paying all District invoices for instructional materials, utilities, construction contracts, professional services, equipment and all other items that are purchased through the district procurement process. Invoices are forwarded to departments for verification and approval of the purchase/service. Departments throughout the college trigger payments to vendors by signing invoices certifying that services were provided or goods were received in acceptable condition. The Accounts Payable staff matches approved invoices with the corresponding Purchase Order and processes payments through the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE).
  • The Student Accounts (Cashiering) Office is responsible for receiving fee payments, maintaining individual accounts, selling parking permits and College Service Card stickers for all students. The staff also provides assistance to students with questions or concerns regarding their student accounts.