Dawn Trickett
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

Contact PCC, AA-107M

I received my BA and MA in communication from CSULB and followed up with a second MA in TESOL from AZUSA University. As a student, I always found education an enjoyable exploit. I loved learning, it really didn’t matter what the subject was. When I stumbled upon Communication Studies, I knew I found my special niche. Not because it was easy, I actually found math much easier, but because it was challenging and real; the outcomes had practical application. My active family and work life continue to provide an application for the entire gamut of communication studies including interpersonal, intercultural, and persuasive skills. A wise and wonderful mentor once said to me: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. With this in mind, I approach every class period as a workshop that will provide activities to integrate theory and practical skill in the hope that what is being taught will become real and applicable to your life.