Abel Alejandre
Renowned LA artist

Staff Highlights

Abel Alejandre is a renowned artist and LBCC alumnus. He is a self-trained printmaker and has worked with this medium for more than 20 years. He works in other mediums as well, although most of his work consists of graphite on paper, canvas or wood. Creating a new piece is a labor and time-intensive process that may take up to hundreds of hours to complete.

Alejandre’s work contains autobiographical elements. He frequently explores the public and private spheres of masculinity. He examines the concept of masculinity, manhood, and codes of conduct through the lives of men in his life. Often, he makes use of the rooster as a metaphor and symbol for manhood, valor, machismo, and patriarchy.

Alejandre’s works have been exhibited throughout the Los Angeles area in museums, hotels, galleries, coffee houses and art fairs. They have been featured in films and books as well. In 2016, his twelve panels, “Panoramas,” were displayed at the Rancho Park/Westwood station on the Los Angeles County Metro Expo line.


Alejandre names Larry White and Rex Ravenelle in the art department as his favorite professors at LBCC.