Carleen Booth Armstrong
Longstanding community member

Staff Highlights

Carleen Booth Armstrong’s family is an LBCC family that stretches back four generations. Carleen’s father graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and then attended LBCC before going on to Stanford University, where he received his law degree. Her mother graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1930 and attended LBCC before going to USC. Her parents met at LBCC. 

Carleen and her husband met while attending LBCC. Wendell Armstrong, a TONG Fraternity member, attended LBCC from 1957-1959. He then served in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany for two years. When he returned home, he graduated from the Long Beach Police Academy and served 36 years in the police department. Carleen attended LBCC from 1958-1960 as a business major and was a member of the TNT Sorority. She was an insurance agent for 54 years. 

Carleen and Wendell’s son, Brian, attended LBCC for two years before going to work for the City of Long Beach. His youngest son, Mitchell Armstrong, 19, is now attending his second year at LBCC. Mitchell currently works part-time for the Long Beach City Parks & Recreation Department. 

Carleen and Wendell love the local LBCC community and the wonderful academic opportunities it affords our young men and women.