Faculty Assistant Mentoring Program


Our mission is to embark on a collaborative effort to promote, recruit and assist college students in exploring a career in teaching, with an emphasis on STEM and CTE. The Faculty Assistant Mentoring Program aims to be an avenue to help students explore LBCC’s teacher pipeline program, allowing students to gain access to explore a career in the field of education that is industry and discipline-specific.

The Faculty Assistant Mentoring Program is open to students in all fields and majors.   As a Faculty Assistant Mentee, you will shadow and work alongside an LBCC faculty member to gain insight on what it takes to succeed in your field.

Students are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • A returning student pursuing a certificate or degree
  • Are currently registered as a full-time student (12 units)
  • Have a 2.5 GPA or above

Students will attend a program orientation at the beginning of the fall semester. Throughout the semester, the mentor (faculty member) will provide guidance, and the program coordinator can provide ongoing assistance. Students will be able to use this to build their resume and have a better understanding of their discipline and the teaching profession. Additionally, students will receive a $300 stipend upon completion of 25 hours in the program.

The faculty’s role is to invest in the mentee by guiding the mentee during the program, providing the mentee insights on their profession and discipline, and setting the mentee up for success when working with students and teaching. The faculty and mentee can also co-teach and plan lessons together. This way, the mentee will see the process from the beginning of designing a lesson to executing it.

So, are you ready to deeply explore a career area as a Faculty Assistant? Complete our student interest form or email Alina Yang.

Faculty Assistant Mentee Registration Process (Students)

  1. Review the Teacher Prep Mentee Guidelines.
  2. Complete the Teacher Prep Mentee Application.
  3. Get a TB Risk Assessment or TB Test Results – Students can submit a TB test or risk assessment that is no older than 4 years old. Current students may visit the LBCC Student Health Services office at LAC or PCC for no-cost TB appointments Monday thru Wednesday. Walk-in clinic hours will be advertised before each fall and spring semester.
  4. Submit all documents to Alina Yang.
  5. Faculty Assistant Mentees will be notified by mid-September about their participation in the program and will be invited to a required training session.  In the case that more mentee applications are received than mentee spaces, additional screening may take place in September.  The program will take place in September through November.

 Faculty Mentor Registration Process (Instructor)

Thank you for considering participating in our mentoring program as a Faculty Assistant’s Mentor. Mentors are encouraged to identify a student who they would like to mentor to the program in the fall semester. Mentors are paid a stipend for their participation.

  1. Review the Teacher Prep Mentor Guidelines.
  2. Complete and submit the Teacher Prep Mentor Application to Alina Yang.
  3. Faculty will be notified in September about participation and will attend a faculty mentor workshop to learn about program components. The program will take place in September through November.