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The Diagnostic Medical Imaging program at Long Beach City College is dedicated to providing high-quality education and clinical practicum to qualified students. It is responsive to the diverse needs of the local medical community. It specializes in the education and training that lead to entry-level employment as a competent, ethical health care professional, and an Associate of Science Degree. The program emphasizes the necessity of professional development and life-long learning.

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Foreign Languages

The Foreign Languages program at Long Beach City College offers formal transfer requirement courses in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. The program is designed to teach students to communicate effectively in a foreign language and to appreciate culture; to promote international understanding and exchange; and to provide a pool of students to fill positions in the community.



The discipline of philosophy is a fundamental course of study for all college students. Philosophy courses explore enduring human concerns regarding the nature of knowledge, reality, the mind, and values. Students are trained to understand and analyze classic philosophical texts as well as to think critically about contemporary issues relating to social justice, human rights, the environment, technology, art, and religion. Philosophy courses help to instill lifelong habits of questioning, analyzing, and exploring alternative viewpoints.



The History Department offers an Associate in Arts in History for Transfer Degree which provides students with a fundamental knowledge of historical events, literacy, and thinking. Upon completion of the degree, students will also gain the knowledge, skills, civic engagement abilities and cultural sensitivity that will allow them to be successful as citizens in a multicultural society. Furthermore, this degree supplies students with a basic understanding of what it means to be a historian.


Biological Sciences

The department has a multifold mission of preparing students for transfer to a four-year university, attain an Associate’s degree, and satisfying the biological science prerequisite for various programs at other colleges.

Students who have matriculated through the programs will be exposed to the scientific method, gain an appreciation for the environment, and become aware of the vital roles of science in our lives. The courses will also help students to better comprehend scientific information and increase awareness of personal health. 



The Music program at Long Beach City College is designed to provide students with the technique and repertoire for a successful audition into a university major program, and the coursework necessary to complete core academic courses required for a lower-division major program. The curricular components needed to achieve these goals are music theory, musicianship, piano, and the applied performance program, which requires an audition for entrance into the program.