Foundation: Funding Our Future Campaign

Updates and information on the LBCC Foundation’s Funding Our Future campaign to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the College in 2027.

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President’s Circle 2021-2022

As we officially launch our newly formed President’s Circle, the LBCC Foundation has placed significant resources into building and sustaining a program that will support the vision and efforts of the LBCC Superintendent-President.  With the addition of Tanya Adolph, Director of Advancement and Campaigns, the Foundation is poised to develop a robust circle of individual as well as corporate support.


Tejani Family Creates Two Endowments for Nursing
Drs. Sabira and Nasir Tejani

Dr. Sabira Tejani and Dr. Nasir Tejani have just committed to fund two Nursing Endowments, one for scholarships for nursing students, and the other for nursing student’s supplies.  “The Funding Our Future campaign is important to us,” said the Tejanis, “we want to support our nursing students now and long into the future.”


Funding Our Future Campaign
100 Years of Viking Excellence

When people think of fundraising campaigns, they often think of raising money for capital projects, especially for new buildings.  Since the community has generously passed two bonds, which are paying for the renovation of both the Liberal Arts Campus and the Pacific Coast Campus, the “Funding Our Future” campaign is all about direct student support.


Lifetime Learner Leaves Big Surprise for Nursing
Alan C. Powell and Judith H. Walsh

When Alan C. Powell passed away last year, no one expected the impact he would have on future nursing students at Long Beach City College.  The quiet, polite, and always pleasant gentleman would sit at the front of the bus when traveling with the LBCC Lifetime Learning Center on their tours.  “He loved our tours,” recalls Theresa Brunella, Director at the center, “He was very polite, and attended many of our excursions.  I always recall him wearing his brown leather jacket and reading the newspaper.


Alumnus and LBCC Foundation Governor Leaves a Legacy
Dan Gooch

“For me, Long Beach City College was a life saver,” recalls Dan Gooch, a Long Beach City College Foundation Board of Governors member. “I literally did not have an intention of attending any institution of higher learning,” laughs Gooch, “until one day after I graduated from Wilson High School.  I was hanging out on the beach at 64th Place, when a buddy told me that all my friends were headed off to college.  Not wanting to be left out I followed him to LBCC.”


Former Student, Teacher Supports Campaign
Jackson Shaw

There’s probably only one person who can say they survived a helicopter crash, as well as landed a helicopter on the campus of Long Beach City College, and his name is Jackson Shaw.  Shaw’s aviation history began at LBCC. “I took all my Aviation Ground School training here,” recalls Shaw, “I ended up with the top ratings for Aviation, which included ATP (Airline Transport) for helicopters and airplanes.


Stock Transfers Support Campaign
Anonymous Donors

Do you have some stock that has appreciated in value? Do you want to put that money to work for a higher purpose?  Would you like to avoid capital gains taxes?  Transferring appreciated stock to the Long Beach City College Foundation can allow you to establish an endowment, save you on taxes, and help students achieve their educational goals.


Former Student Supports Campaign
Angela Fowlkes

The “Funding Our Future” Campaign has been adopted by the Long Beach City College Foundation Board of Governors.  This student-facing comprehensive campaign is raising funds to support Nursing, College Promise, Trade and Technical, Scholarship, Emergency and Basic Needs, Athletics, Lifetime Learning, Childhood Development and more.