Guided Pathways v1


Guiding Principle

Guided Pathways provides informed options with intentional supports for students to actively pursue their educational goals. Guided Pathways increases access to affordable education and timely completion of degrees and certificates, leading to expanded job opportunities, and upward social and economic mobility. For more information about how Viking Pathways can work for you, feel free to email us at

General Info

What are Guided PathwayS?

A guided pathway integrates student services, the learning commons and instruction to create a cohesive student experience. Specifically, guided pathways include:

  • On ramp processes that help students into their college experience
  • Intake processes that help students clarify goals for college and careers
  • Intentional course sequences with clearly defined career and academic milestones
  • Embedded counseling, academic support and feedback on student progress throughout their educational journey

What are the Benefits to StudentS?

  • Planned and intentional exploration of careers and opportunities within a general field of study
  • Less uncertainty about requirements for completion
  • Students are aware of career and academic milestones
  • Students move through their coursework with fewer obstacles and a clear understanding of the path
  • Fewer excess units taken
  • Students can make informed choices about their majors and coursework
  • Higher rates of course completion and graduation


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