Institution Level Assessment


Institution Level Assessment

The central mission of Long Beach City College is its commitment to student learning and success. The Outcomes Assessment Process at LBCC has been designed as a continuous loop of self-reflection and assessment in order to bring about meaningful change to student learning and services. The Outcomes Assessment Process enables each department to evaluate its current and future goals and needs and each program to plan strategies to serve its students and clients.

The Outcomes Assessment Process divides the college into two sectors:

  1. Instructional Programs
  2. Service Programs

Each of these sectors has a self-reflective assessment process that is embedded in the campus’ ongoing cycle of Program Review.

The initial major component of the Outcomes Assessment Process is to identify the outcomes for each of the college’s programs. These are either program student learning outcomes (program SLOs) for instruction and learning opportunities in student services or service unit outcomes (SUOs) for the college’s support or services programs and work units. SUOs indicate how student learning is supported throughout the college.