Learning Support & Tutoring


Learning Support & Tutoring

The purpose of the Learning and Academic Resources (LAR) Department is to provide instruction and support services to Long Beach City College students in cooperation with faculty and staff so that students will be more successful in their academic and occupational programs. Recognizing that our college community is composed of students with diverse educational backgrounds, varied levels of preparedness, and a variety of academic needs, LAR offers instruction and a wide range of programs, services and materials to promote college success. Components of the department include Learning and Study Strategies courses, Basic Adult Education, Supplemental Instruction, Tutorial Services, Supplemental Learning Assistance, the Academic Computing Centers, and Multidisciplinary Success Centers.  All courses, programs, and services are available at both campuses  (LAC and PCC).

The LAR Department Mission

The mission of the Learning and Academic Resources (LAR) Department is to serve as the central comprehensive learning center that cultivates student intellectual development through course- and discipline-specific assistance and guidance in developing comprehensive learning strategies as well as current technological skills for academic success.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will be able to apply newly acquired knowledge and/or learning strategies to their current or future academic endeavors. 
2. The Learning and Academic Resources areas will provide satisfactory service for each appropriate student request.

The Student Success Centers strive to contribute to the success of all LBCC students by providing quality learning assistance. Please explore our page to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

Our mission is to contribute to the success of all Long Beach City College students by providing quality learning assistance. We believe a student’s success begins with access to resources and academic support and it is our goal to help students to reach their full potential.


Study Skills

The Learning and Academic Resources Department encourages you to view the online videos of workshops below to gain tips and learn strategies on a variety of learning and study skills topics! 

The TEAS (or Test of Essential Academic Skills) is the test all new students admitted to the LBCC Registered Nursing Program must take.  The test includes questions in four main areas: Reading, Math, English and Science.  Each of these sections is made up of several other sections; math, for example, contains questions in fractions, decimals, percentages, algebra and metric conversions.  In order to remain in the program once provisionally admitted, students must earn an overall score of at least 62%.


Student Learning Communities

A learning community is a way for students to enroll in one or more courses that are “packaged” together.  These courses are taught by supportive instructors and counselors who work closely with each other and the students to help students develop the confidence and tools they need to succeed. 

“Enrolling in a Learning Community at Long Beach City College was the best decision I ever made!” - Phillip Diaz, Student


Faculty & Staff Resources

We support your students’ success by equipping faculty and staff with the resources needed to enhance courses and student services in all subject areas. If you would like to discuss services specific to your class, please contact a Center Instructional Specialist or Coordinator.