Results of assessment consist of the combined data from sections of a course (for course SLO analysis) or courses (for program SLO analysis) and are compared to the college-wide expected level of achievement of 70%.  

To derive meaning from course or program assessment results, faculty have to dig deeper into their results than merely focusing on the overall percentage of students who have or have not met an expected level of achievement. Examining data for patterns should help faculty to discover the story behind the data.  



Analyzing Results of Assessment 

Course and program level SLO results, as well as the entire assessment process, should be discussed among department faculty to determine the meaning behind the results of assessment and to decide upon actions to take in response. Faculty should view Tableau dashboards and share copies of the assessment instrument (e.g., rubric, quiz questions) and the assessment plan with those involved in the discussion.  

Facilitators will share previously submitted Results of Assessment and keep a record of departmental discussions in the SLO Workbooks. All faculty can draw on information in the resources provided, which should assist in creating and sustaining a lively and thought-provoking discussion regarding every aspect of the assessment process for a course or program. 

Taking Action(s) 

Taking action(s) based on the results of assessment is the final and most critical step to closing the loop on assessment in a meaningful way. They inform the refinement and improvement of instructional courses and programs (both curricular and pedagogical), and directly impact student learning. Faculty can utilize the SLO Analysis and Actions Guide as a tool to aid in determining meaningful actions, including using the recommended List of Meaningful Actions.

Regardless of whether or not the expected level of achievement was met, faculty should be taking action to improve student learning in their classrooms, and/or to improve the assessment process itself. Course and program-level SLO actions should be discussed among discipline faculty to determine further strategies, activities, and resources needed to carry out actions. SLO Facilitators will share previously suggested actions and keep a record of departmental or discipline discussions in the SLO Workbook as part of the analysis of the SLO results.