Online Counseling


Online Counseling

Welcome to Long Beach City College, Online Counseling Services. Online Counseling is a web-based service, utilizing webcam and audio. The full service, online appointment allows students to connect with a counselor, and complete all services that are available in the traditional, in-person counseling format. Online Chat Counseling is available for students to ask quick, general counseling related questions. The Chat service is public and open to all students. The counselor will only provide general information, and will not share student’s records via the Chat mode.

Please note: The chat feature is compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers only. Students using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge may experience technical problems when trying to connect to an online counseling session.

Online Etiquette
What to expect in an online counseling session

Online Counseling is offering easy access to students who are unable to meet with a counselor in a traditional face-to-face session.  Please be prepared for the session as you would for an in-person session on campus. As you are aware, web-based counseling is new to many and this guide will give you an overview of appropriate etiquette when interacting in this new environment.