Become a Tutor
Help other students succeed!


The Success Centers are always looking for responsible and dynamic individuals to tutor a variety of subjects.   If you are interested in applying for a tutoring position for the next semester, please complete the Applicant Screening Survey. Once completed, if you meet all the minimum requirements, you will be invited to the next round of screening interviews which usually takes place 1-2 months before the next semester begins.  

Download the Tutor/SI Application and apply today!

For questions about applying for or working as a Success Center tutor, please contact Sean Dominguez or Susan Fintland.

Requirements for becoming a tutor

  • Completion of each subject you wish to tutor with an earned grade of B or higher.
  • Prove your status as a full-time (12 units) student if you are an undergraduate attending a community college or university, or be enrolled in at least three units if you are a graduate student or enrolled in a credential program.
  • Submit a completed Employment Application and Availability Schedule.
  • Submit a copy of your unofficial transcripts indicating completed coursework and grades.
  • Have an instructor in the discipline you wish to tutor complete and submit the Academic Reference Form.
  • Faculty may also complete the Online Academic Reference Form
  • Be interviewed by the appropriate Success Center supervisor.

Guidelines as a Tutor

  • Complete a five-week training program that will introduce you to the basic concepts of tutoring (your supervisor will explain the specific course requirements).
  • Submit proof of current full-time enrollment.
  • Complete ongoing training (in the form of an orientation or training sessions) at the specific Success Center where you are hired.
  • Attend regular meetings as assigned (varies by Success Center).
  • FOR NEW LBCC EMPLOYEES: You must fill out and submit the necessary forms for Human Resources/ Payroll, complete a TB test and possibly a LiveScan background check before you begin work.

Additional Tutoring Information

  • Tutors are paid $14 - $16/hr according to their experience as tutors and their conferred degree. 
  • Tutors will be able to work for a maximum of six semesters, subject to semesterly evaluation by their supervisor.
  • Tutors can work a maximum of 20 hours per week, subject to departmental budget and availability of hours.
  • FOR ENGLISH TUTORS ONLY. Please submit a writing sample of at least three pages and in MLA format along with your application materials. This can be a paper you have submitted for a class, as long as it is a clean copy (no instructor marks, grade, etc).