Electrician Certification & Electrical Trainees


Long Beach City College Electrical Program has been approved by the California Apprenticeship Council as “Approved School Number 101″. The California Apprenticeship Council affirmed the January 1, 2006 deadline for certification for general electrician, residential electrician and fire life safety technician.  


Students must be enrolled and ATTENDING classes to receive an enrollment verification letter that will be sent to the DAS for the electrical trainee number.  The state considers a student an officially enrolled student at the course census date.  This is week four of the fall and spring semesters, week three for the summer and week two for winter semesters.  After census, the letters will be printed and available in class, they will not be mailed under any circumstance.  Any student then dropping out will result in LBCC notifying the DAS of the dropout and the Trainee Number will be pulled.  Students must attend 150 hours of classes per year to remain eligible for trainee status.  A typical class is 54 hours per semester.  See the section below for information on requesting an enrollment verification letter.

Sign up for the Electrical Program Orientation Session.

Certification Process

All students must complete the Enrollment Process and the following steps:

  1. All students must go through the orientation process detailed above.  
  2. Register for the Electrical Classes once you have a permission number provided to you in orientation.  
  3. Attend the class and maintain enrollment  
  4. Fill out the Electrical Trainee Verification Request Form that is provided in class is available in front of room QQ207.  
  5. Turn the Request Form back in person to Stuart Hively or Tedde Titus (room QQ207)  
  6. At the completion of the “census date” you are considered an official student and will be provided with a verification letter. The letters are available approximately 4 weeks after the start of the semester.  
  7. Return to Stuart or Tedde to pick up the letter.  
  8. Mail the letter, the completed Electrician Trainee application and your check to cover the fees to the address on the application. (LBCC is Approved School #101)  
  9. If you drop the class or do not continue your enrollment the following semester, the DAS will be notified and your trainee card will be revoked.  
Electrician Continuing Education

All ELECT and CISCO classes listed apply to DAS Electrician Trainee education requirements and continuing education requirements for Electrician Certification.  

Students transferring from other programs

Many students inquire about transferring from other private or community college electrical programs. In many cases credit can be given for community college classes. Credit by exam is available for the entry level electrical classes for those who attended a private training program. This will be covered in the orientation process.  

What is an electrician trainee?