Support Child Development Center


We will have several fundraising programs in the course of your time here with your child. These efforts are an important financial support to our programs. Some examples are:

  • Annual Child Development Associates group fundraising event
  • Scholastic Book Orders or Book Fairs
  • Other Center based fundraisers

If you have ideas for fundraisers or would like to participate/organize one, please let us know! Offers to raise funds through the sale of products represented by parents, such as Tupperware, Avon, and Discovery Toys, are appreciated, BUT it is inappropriate to support one parent’s enterprise at the expense of another. Center fundraising will not include such product lines. Donations of these items may be accepted as long as there is no individual profit.

In high quality child development programs, parent involvement and support is critical; we appreciate the time and efforts you contribute!

Monetary donations to the LBCC Child Development Centers can be electronically submitted using through Teamwork Fundraising.

  • Directions: On the Select Donation Recipient section, use the drop down box to choose the center you would like the donation to go to and follow all the prompts.