Transfer Glossary


Articulation Agreement

A written contract between two schools in which course equivalencies are agreed to by both schools. For example, on you can find course to course agreements (articulation agreements) between California community colleges and the CSU and UC system.


A Web site that has articulation information between the community colleges and specific campuses of the University of California and California State Universities. You can also look up CSU and UC transferable courses for any California Community College on this website.

Bachelor’s Degree

The diploma awarded to an undergraduate that has completed all of the graduation requirements. This degree is granted at four-year universities.

Competitive Admissions

As a result of impaction, when the University or a Major reaches full capacity, they will increase the requirements for admission (impaction criteria) in order to control the growth of the university. For example, an impacted program/major at a university may increase their minimum grade point average for admissions to the major.


This is the abbreviation for “California State University”. Examples of CSU schools are Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Dominguez Hills.


This is the application website for the CSU system. Students may apply to the CSU system online by going to

GE Certification (For LBCC Plan “B”) 

Completion of the General Education Certification (GE Certification – LBCC Plan B) will allow a student to transfer to the California State University (CSU) system without requiring any additional lower division GE courses after transfer. As long as the student only attended LBCC, meeting with a counselor is not required. If you have taken GE courses at other schools, you must make an appointment with a counselor to complete your CSU Certification. If you have not taken GE courses at other schools, you do not need to see a counselor for CSU Certification. In this case, the blue form attached to the LBCC transcript request form will need to be completed and submitted for the GE Certification to be processed.

General Education (LBCC Plan B and C) 

A broad group of courses to include a wide variety of subjects outside a specific major; also known as survey courses. CSU general education courses at LBCC are under our “Plan B or Plan C” education plans. UC general education courses at LBCC fall under our “Plan C” education plan. Plan C is also referred to as “IGETC.”

IGETC Certification (For LBCC Plan “C”)

Completion of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC – LBCC Plan C) will permit transfer to a campus in either the University of California or California State University system without requiring additional lower division coursework to be completed after transfer. Meeting with a counselor prior to requesting transcripts and prior to transfer is required to obtain IGETC Certification.


There is more demand (more students) than there is room for students to be admitted to the University or within the specific major. Since there is such high demand for the spots in an impacted major, minimum admission requirements for that major may be raised. For example, an impacted major/program may require a higher grade point average.

Lower Division Courses

A term used to describe courses that are usually taught the freshman or sophomore year of college and are general in content. California community colleges can only teach lower division courses.

Supplemental Application

In addition to the University application, an additional application to the major department may be required. This is likely implemented at institutions where the major is popular or the institution is impacted. Supplemental application art typically located online through the major/department website. If they are not located online, contact that department for the supplemental application.

Transferable Coursework/Units 

At LBCC, courses numbered from 1-99 will transfer to CSU. For information regarding transferable courses to UC, refer to the ASSIST website at Courses numbered higher than 99 at Long Beach City College will not transfer to a university.

Transferable GPA 

This is the GPA that is calculated using the transferable courses, and is the GPA that is used for admission criteria at 4-year institutions. The general formula for calculating a transferable GPA is: Total transferable grade points divided by total transferable units. See your counselor for any assistance in calculating your transferable grade point average.


This is the abbreviation for “University of California”. Examples of UC schools are UCLA and UC Berkeley.

UC Pathways

This is the application website for the UC system. Online applications for the UC system are available at