25Live Request Guidelines


In an effort to keep the security and quality of the 25Live program intact; the following guidelines have been developed.  Please make every effort to help us keep our campus spaces appropriate for quality learning at all times by both reviewing & following the below guiding principles:

  • All space on the Long Beach City College campus belongs to the Long Beach Community College District.  The College will allocate and reassign space to best support and further the College’s academic mission and priorities. Although facilities are managed by the deans and faculty, The VP of Academic Affairs retains ultimate responsibility for allocating and re-allocating space. In any space assignment, ownership is not implied by occupancy, nor should it be inferred. 
  • If space being requested is available and the event is appropriate for the space, then the designated Location Scheduler should approve the space request.
  • Users must check the room for reservability before submitting an event reservation. 
  • All space requests will be approved or denied by the designated area approvers within two business days. If immediate approval is needed, please contact the designated Location Scheduler directly.
  • The Academic Calendar prioritizes the scheduling of all College facilities.  The initial scheduling of courses in academic venues takes priority over all other scheduling. 
  • It is the responsibility of the event requestor/organizer to ensure appropriate setup details and services have been arranged and confirmed for their event.
  • If space has been approved for an event, all effort should be made to keep the space reservation final. In the unlikely event that an approved space reservation must be canceled or changed the original event requester may contact the 25Live scheduling team for assistance in locating a new space.
  • All event spaces are reserved as is. Space requestors/event organizers are responsible for setup and tear down of their events unless other arrangements are made by approver/requester. All space requestors/event organizers are responsible for the condition and usability of the space once the event has ended. Failure to do so could preclude future space reservation privileges by said space requestor/event organizer.
  • If you hold a class or event in a room in which you move furniture around to suit your needs you must move the furniture back to its original placement before leaving. Failure to do so will jeopardize you or your organization’s ability to reserve rooms in the future.
  • If you do not hold your event, please be courteous and cancel your reservation through 25Live. 
  • The following issues will result in a lack of accurate detail and could create quality control issues and may result in the loss of scheduling privileges:
    • Not restoring the room to original layout, cleanliness and general order.
    • Providing false event information
    • Altering reservations that don’t belong to you without prior approval.
    • Reserving rooms in unrealistic excess
    • Sharing an account with a user that has not been permitted access
    • Continued misuse of the system which requires excessive additional time, troubleshooting and/or user notice to address repeat/duplicate issues.