Academic Affairs


4004 Child Development Center-Child Care
4006 Approval of Educational Field Trips, Change of Location, and Related Automobile Mileage Reimbursement
4008 Materials Produced by Faculty and Staff
AP 4010 Academic Calendar
4012 Statement of Academic Freedom
4018 Academic Honesty
AP 4020 Program and Curriculum Development
AP 4021 Program Discontinuance
AP 4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education
AP 4026 Philosophy and Criteria for International Education
4028 Course Credit and Credit for Prior Learning
AP 4040 Library & Learning Support Services
AP 4050 Articulation
AP 4060 Delineation of Functions Agreements
AP 4070 Course Auditing and Auditing Fees
AP 4100 Graduation Requirements For Degrees and Certificates
AP 4101 Independent Study (Credit by Directed Study)
AP 4102 Career & Technical Education
AP 4103 Work Experience
AP 4104 Contract Education
AP 4105 Distance Education
AP 4106 Nursing Programs
AP 4110 Honorary Degrees
AP 4220 Standards of Scholarship - Delegation
AP 4222 Remedial Coursework
AP 4225 Course Repetition
AP 4226 Multiple & Overlapping Enrollments
AP 4227 Repeatable Courses
AP 4228 Course Repetition - Significant Lapse of Time
AP 4229 Course Repetition - Variable Units
AP 4230 Grading and Academic Record Symbols
AP 4231 Grade Changes
AP 4232 Pass/No Pass
AP 4240 Academic Renewal
AP 4250 Probation
AP 4260 Prerequisites, Co-requisites and Advisories
AP 4400 Community Services Programs
AP 4610 Instructional Service Agreements
AP 4700 Guest Speakers
AP 4800 Textbook Adoptions
AP 4850 Curriculum that is Scheduled Days and Hours to be Arranged