Accreditation Standard Committee


The nine Accreditation Standard Committees are tri-chaired by an administrator, faculty, and classified team member. Each standard committee oversees one or more ACCJC Standard Areas. These committees are composed of faculty, classified staff, and administrative members who can contribute knowledge, expertise, and insight into the creation of the narrative for their assigned Standard Area(s). Students also serve as members on these committees and provide insight through the lens of how they experience the policies, processes, and implementation of the mission that is intended to support their educational success. Other knowledgeable stakeholders of the college community are identified as ‘resource members’ who can contribute to the narrative. Each standard committee helps to create the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) by collecting evidence, drafting narratives, and ensuring compliance with their standards.

Once drafted by the Accreditation Standard Committees and reviewed by the Accreditation Steering Committee tri-chairs, the ISER will be distributed broadly across campus for input, review, and to gather additional feedback. The ISER will also be reviewed by major constituent groups including the Associated Student Body, Academic and Classified Senates, College Planning Council, and leadership teams. Once the College has crafted a comprehensive ISER, it will be presented to the Board of Trustees for first and second-reading and ultimately submitted to ACCJC.

Accreditation Standards Committee Charge & Membership