Advanced Technology Transportation Center

Two LBCC students repairing an alternative fuel vehicle.

LBCC’s Advanced Technology Transportation Center (ATTC) offers a variety of courses so one can prepare to be a heavy-duty alternative fuels technician and mechanic. This is different from the pre-apprenticeship program in that it teaches students specific technical areas related to alternative fuels.  

With ever-changing technology, these courses can provide career-advancing knowledge to people who are working in the field of engine maintenance. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be prepared to take the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fuel System Inspector Certification. 

If you are an employer who would like your employees to take courses at our AATC center, please contact Maria Andrade-Hernandez at Workforce Development.

Course Listings

CNG Cylinder Safety Inspection and Certification

In this 16-hour course, students learn the regulations and proper required periodic inspections of cylinders used in Compressed Natural Gas vehicle applications. This is a two-day course designed for both technicians and management, inspection standards and techniques are covered along with applicable damage and corrective actions. Notebook and study materials are included in training fees. The CSA examination is available through CSA America for an additional fee upon completion of the course.

Fee: $650.00

Digital Volt Ohm Meter (DVOM)

This 8-hour course is designed to improve understanding of basic DVOM functions through a hands-on approach and safe use. Training includes both lecture and lab experience. Technicians will be given the opportunity to take the Snap-on DVOM meter certification test and receive a certificate if they score 80% or higher on the exam.

Fee: $400.00

Electrical Principles

Unlock the mystery of the Electrical System on a vehicle with this hands-on workshop. This 8-hour course is a must for those seeking a better understanding of the diagnosis of electrical circuits.

Fee: $400.00

Electrical Schematics

Using a hands-on approach, this 8-hour course will investigate the use of schematics and wiring diagrams in the troubleshooting of electrical circuits.  Diagnostic techniques are covered to better understand the concepts involved.

Fee: $400.00

Electrical Scan Tools & Diagnostics

Come to learn how to best utilize scan tools in diagnostics of computerized circuits in this 8-hour course.  We will be demonstrating the use of various scan tools and their features while learning the best practices used in diagnosis. Examples will include many manufacturers and systems available in the industry such as Snap-on, MasterTech, Ease, Determinator, INSITE, and other laptop based software.

FEE: $400.00

ISL-G Diagnostics & Repair Level 1

This training provides a comprehensive review of inputs, actuators, and processing of the Cummins ISL-G CNG Electronic Engine Management System, including manual testing of components to learn where they are located on the engine and how they work. This class prepares you for the one-day INSITE class and the following ISL-G level 2 program.

Fee: $650.00

ISL-G Diagnostics & Repair Level 2

Learn hands-on diagnostics procedure for fault detection and repair of inputs, actuators, and processing of the Cummins ISL-G CNG Electronic Engine Management System, using Cummins own INSITE software tool.

Fee: $650.00

INSITE for Cummins CNG/LNG Systems

Train on the leading OEM diagnostic software for Cummins Electronic Engine Management System. This hands-on workshop for technicians covers special parameters for ISL-G, user tips, diagnostic procedures, and screen-by-screen examples. It is highly recommended that this INSITE class be taken prior to taking the advanced portion of the ISL-G program, ISL-G Diagnosis and Repair Level.

Fee: $650.00