ALCI Learning Outcomes
All student learning outcomes by level


Skill Level 1A

GRAMMAR. Simple present tense, Prepositions of Place & Time, This/That/These/Those, Frequency Words, Singular & Plural, Articles, Possession, Object Pronouns, Subject Questions, Present Continuous Tense, Future Tenses.

READING. Scanning, Predicting, Skimming for the Main Idea, Recognizing the Sequence of Events, Developing Fluency.

VOCABULARY. Food, money, numbers, education & campus life, occupations, instructions.

WRITING. Writing with the Present, Past, Future, & Present Continuous Tenses; Forming complete sentences; Editing for singular/plural and male/female pronouns; writing about people, places, & personal experiences.

SKILLS. Describing occupations, locations, people, hobbies, activities, & health; Asking for help; Making plans, & appointments

TOPICS. Occupations, locations of objects, people, prices, health entertainment, times, days, & dates.

Skill Level 1B

GRAMMAR. Simple Past Tense, Infinitives, Modals, Imperatives, Count & Noncount Nouns, Quantity Words, Adjectives, Noun Modifiers, & Adverbs, Comparatives & Superlatives, Auxiliary Verbs, Verb Tense Review.

READING. Scanning, Predicting, Identifying the Main Ideas within Paragraphs, Skimming for the Main Idea, Developing Fluency.

VOCABULARY. Sports & games, animals, the English language, holidays, the senses, life stages.

WRITING. Writing to introduce yourself; Writing about people, activities, & places; Writing descriptions; Writing a narrative; Writing your opinion; Editing your writing.

SKILLS. Identifying meaning from intonation; Talking with salespeople; Asking for & giving directions; for & giving medical advice; Telling a story.

TOPICS. Shopping, locations of buildings, cultural & social events, health, personalities, the news.

Skill Level 2A

GRAMMAR. Simple Present Tense, Frequency Words, Present Continuous Tense, Action & Nonaction Verbs, Future Tense, Habitual past with Used to, Simple Past Tense, Time Words & Time Clauses, Past Continuous Tense.

READING. Predicting, Using Titles to Understand Main Ideas, Scanning, Skimming, Developing Fluency.

VOCABULARY. Food, the Internet, traveling, entertainment, numbers & dates, health & the human body.

WRITING. Understanding organization & paragraphs; Organizing information by time; Organizing information by order of importance; Organizing information by space; The writing process; Supporting the main idea.

SKILLS. Listening to lectures; Participating in informal conversations; Listening to radio & news reports

TOPICS. Communication, literature, life science, psychology, anthropology, & money.

Skill Level 2B

GRAMMAR. Modals & Related Expressions, Present Perfect Tense, Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Gerunds & Infinitives, Adjective Clauses, Comparatives & Superlatives, Passive & Active Voices.

READING. Identifying Main Ideas within Paragraphs, Inferring, Identifying Supporting Ideas, Developing Fluency

VOCABULARY. Invitations & requests, music, life events, the media, measurements, the environment.

WRITING. Giving instructions in writing; Writing descriptions; Expressing an opinion; Comparing & contrasting; Writing about causes & effects; Writing letters; Writing summaries.

SKILLS. Listening to & participating in interviews; Listening to lectures; Listening to & giving presentations.

TOPICS. Health, community & social involvement, the environment, history of the USA, computers & technology, the law.

Skill Level 3A

GRAMMAR. Present Perfect & Present Perfect Continuous Tenses, Passive Voice, Participial Adjectives, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, & Past Perfect Continuous Tenses, Modals in the Present, Future, & Past.

READING. Identifying Meaning from Context, Identifying Cause & Effect, Identifying Main & Supporting Ideas, Developing Fluency.

VOCABULARY. Idioms, Time, Stress, Animals, Culture, Money, Fashion, Advertising.

WRITING. Focusing on the Sentence and the Paragraph: Stimulating ideas; Developing a paragraph; Unity & Coherence; Editing your writing; Brainstorming & Outlining; Putting it all together.

SKILLS. Listening to academic lectures; Conducting interviews; Listening to informational talks & radio programs.

TOPICS. Environmental studies, leisure activities, food & habits, visual art, ocean research, social studies.

Skill Level 3B

GRAMMAR. Adjective Clauses, Descriptive Phrases, Infinitives, Gerunds, Adverbial Clauses & Phrases, Sentence Connectors, Noun Clauses, Direct Quotes & Reported Speech, Real & Unreal Conditionals in the Present & Past.

READING. Identifying Fact versus Opinion, Arguing For & Against a Topic, Logical & Chronological Sequencing, Developing Fluency.

VOCABULARY. Medicine, Space Exploration, Family, Education, Art, Theatre, Transportation.

WRITING. Focusing on Process Paragraphs, Opinion Paragraphs, & Narrative Paragraphs: Stimulating ideas; Brainstorming & Outlining; Developing your ideas; Editing your writing; Putting it all together.

SKILLS. Listening to academic lectures; Listening to & giving presentations; Describing personal experiences; Discussing books.

TOPICS. Language & communication, technology, marketing, education, astronomy, international studies.