ALCI Session Dates
How to Apply to the ALCI Program


The American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) offers five 8 week term sessions during the academic year with classes are held at the LAC campus. You can apply to the program by submitting the ALCI Admissions application.

Session Date Orientation Time Location Cost
Summer, 2019 June 10 – Aug. 1 June 7 8:30 am LAC, E-07L USD 1800.00
Fall A, 2019 Aug. 26 – Oct. 17 Aug. 22 8:30 am LAC, E-07L USD 1800.00
Fall B, 2019 Oct. 21 – Dec. 12 Oct. 18 8:30 am LAC, E-07L USD 1800.00
Spring A, 2020 Feb. 10 – Apr. 2 Feb. 7 8:30 am LAC, E-07L USD 1800.00
Spring B, 2020 Apr. 13 – June 4 Apr. 3 8:30 am  LAC, E-07L USD 1800.00
Tuition and Fees may change without notice. Please contact the International Student Program office for current information. All tuition and fees must be paid by the first Tuesday during the first week of classes. 


All fees (except the Health Insurance Fee) may be paid by cash or by U.S. Bank check or Money Order made out to “Long Beach City College.”

You can pay for the Culture Enrichment Activities Fee, through our online payment site.
Fee Cost
Tuition USD 1800.00
Culture Enrichment Activities USD 75.00
LBCC Student ID USD 20.00
Health Insurance Varies
Parking USD 30.00


TOEFL Waiver

No TOEFL or other English test score is required for the ALCI program. Students will be given a placement test on their first day of classes to determine their ALCI program level.

Students who successfully complete the ALCI program by taking the Assessment Test and placing in ESL 54 or higher, are not required to submit a TOEFL score to be accepted to the regular college program at Long Beach City College. Other alternatives to the TOEFL for meeting English proficiency can be found in the program requirements for International Students.

Cancellations & Refunds

You will receive a full refund if you cancel in writing with the International Student Program Office at any time up to and including the end of the SECOND DAY of ALCI class when fees are due. If you cancel in writing on or before the eighth day of ALCI class, we will deduct $200.00 per week of attendance from your refund amount. (Students who have attended any part of 1 class day during a week will be charged for the entire week of instruction.) After the end of the second week of instruction, NO refunds or program fee credits will be given. Application fees are not refundable under any circumstances. The unused portion of the Cultural Activities Fee will be refunded to students who withdraw in writing with the International Student Program Office by the end of the second week of ALCI class.