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Who We Are!


The mission of the Long Beach City College’s Asian Pacific Islander Desi (APID) Affinity Group faculty, staff and community is to promote an inclusive and equitable campus climate for all groups; represent and preserve the APID voice and facilitate professional growth and leadership.


Promote a campus climate that is sensitive, representative and equitable to all multicultural and diverse groups.

  • To advocate for the APID voice on campus.
  • To serve as a resource to the campus community in raising awareness of the unique opportunities and challenges of issues relating to the APID community.
  • To participate in the larger multicultural and diverse community at LBCC.
  • To recommend the recruitment and retention of APID students, staff, faculty and administration. 
  • To provide a support network for APID faculty and staff.
  • To support APID students by creating a space of belonging and providing opportunity.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi Affinity Group Officers 2022-2024

  • Chair: LooLoo Amante Tupua
  • Vice-Chair: Mia Tabayoyong
  • Secretary: Kimberly Casuga
  • Treasurer: Judith Quilaton

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Join Us!

On behalf of the LBCC Asian Pacific Islander Desi Affinity Group, we would like to invite you to our monthly meeting. Come to connect, feel support and collaborate with the greater Asian Pacific Islander Desi community of staff and faculty.

Monthly Meeting Info: Monthly Meetings will resume in October 2022

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