Assessment Actions


Taking actions based on the results of your assessment is the final step in your assessment. This phase of the assessment process is referred to as “closing the loop.” Actions that can be taken include changing aspects of a course or instruction in the classroom to improve student learning, revising SLOs, or revising methodologies.

Actions taken are truly at the heart of the assessment process, as they inform the refinement and improvement of instructional courses and programs. Actions taken should be considered a critical component of the assessment loop as they inform an integrated decision, including resource allocation, and improvements across campus.

As a reference, you can review meaningful actions for Course SLO Results or Program SLO results.




Sample Action 1

Continued with the holistic assessment of this course with EARAI support for future analysis. Added in our Department Plan that we would like professional development funds for inter-departmental SLO training in order to bring adjunct faculty in on the assessment efforts.

Sample Action 2

Restructure 4th exam so that students have the same guidelines as practiced in the first three exams. We will request additional funding to ensure the availability of the assistant in our department plan for fall.

Agreeing on Actions in Department Meetings 

Regardless of whether or not the expected level of achievement was met, faculty should be taking action to improve student learning in their classrooms or the assessment process itself. Your course and program level SLO actions should be discussed among faculty at your department meetings to determine further strategies, implications, and resources needed to carry out actions.

Facilitators will share previously suggested Actions and keep a record of departmental discussions in their 20% Workbook. All faculty can draw on information in the following resources, which include suggested actions.