Assessment Results


Results of assessment consist of the combined data from sections of a course (for course SLO analysis) or courses (for program SLO analysis) and are compared to the expected level of achievement specified in the course or program SLO methodology. At this point in the Assessment Cycle, you can call on the Educational Assessment Research Analyst I (EARAI) if you are collecting data that can be disaggregated and would like assistance in the analysis.

When reporting Results of Assessment it is important to refer back to the SLO’s Method of Assessment where you will find the Expected Level of Achievement. Ask your Facilitator to supply you with a TracDat Report that includes any number of courses and programs with SLOs, Assessment Methods, Results of Assessment, and prior Actions Taken. This can help start all faculty off with a shared understanding.

To derive meaning from program or course assessment results faculty have to dig deeper into their results than just the overall percentage of students who have or have not met an expected level of achievement. Examining data for certain types of patterns should help faculty to discover the story behind the data. Common patterns to look for include patterns of consistency, consensus, and distinctiveness.

Sample Results of Assessment 1

25 Students participated in the Fall of 2016. The average score on the 5 questions asked for SLO 1 was 88 Percent. Analysis & Key Findings of Results: Q1: 52% Q2: 88% Q3: 92% Q4: 90% Q5: 92% The faculty discussed the low percentage of students who responded with the correct answer to Q1. This question covered information on _____. The faculty discussed the ways they teach this content during a department meeting. The actions taken will be reported to the SLO Facilitator.”

Sample Results of Assessment 2

389 students completed the SLO 1 assessment with an average grade of 71.81%. The most missed questions were #1 at 37.94% and #4 at 54.27%. We will call a meeting at the beginning of next semester to discuss whether we would like to a) change the number of SLOs for each course or b) change the assessment questions.