Audition Details & Repertoire
Performance & Proficiency Requirements


Please review the requirements for each proficiency group.


  • Perform two songs or instrumental excerpts or short pieces of contrasting style – details of repertoire below. For the sake of time, you may be asked to stop your second selection part way through.
  • Pitch-matching, singing a short melody, clapping a short rhythm.

Theory, Musicianship, Keyboard Proficiency

  • Identify By Ear. Basic triad quality, scale type (major, natural, harmonic, melodic).
  • Identify Written. Key signatures (all major, minimum), intervals (all types through octave).
  • Keyboard Playing. Basic chords (M, m, d, A), scales (through 4 flats/sharps, major, one hand).

Not being able to fully complete the proficiency does not necessarily preclude a candidate from the applied program, but will be used to best place someone in the theory/musicianship course sequence. A pronounced lack of proficiency can delay entrance into the program while foundational coursework is completed.

Audition Repertoire

These auditions are representative of the standard repertoire of your instrument or voice.

Classical Vocalists. This should (preferably) include two songs, one in English and one other language (Italian, German, or French).

Jazz Vocalists. This should include two Jazz standards.

Classical Instrumentalists. This should include two pieces, excerpts, or movements in contrasting styles.

Jazz Instrumentalists. This should include two Jazz standards.

Classical Percussionists. Two pieces or excerpts including (preferably) mallets and snare or timpani 

Jazz Percussionists. One solo excerpt, as well as the ability to perform standard Jazz beat patterns, including Latin.

An accompanist is provided; please provide any necessary copies for the accompanist at the time of the audition.