Bargaining Unit Contracts & Salaries


Certificated Hourly Instructors (CHI/CTA/NEA)

CHI Contract 2016-2019
Salary Schedules 4 & 5 Effective Fall 2017 
Salary Schedule 6  
Salary Schedule 7 Effective 2017/2018
Part-Time Faculty Evaluation Forms  
Stipend Request Form  

Long Beach City College Faculty Association (LBCCFA)

LBCCFA Contract - 16 Week Calendar


FAQ: Faculty Leaves 2016
Tentative Agreement: revised salary schedules

Effective 6/28/2016 

Salary Schedule 1

Effective 6/28/2016 

Salary Schedule 1A

Effective 6/28/2016 

Schedule 3 - Stipends

Effective 6/28/2016 

Schedule 5A - Hourly Pay

Effective 6/28/2016 

Article X - Faculty Evaluation and E-Series Evaluation Forms

PDF Document 

Appendix E: Evaluation Forms  
Competency Application (Form HR043)

PDF Form

Article XIII - Department Head Assignments

Dated 8/1/2013

MOU: ESL Faculty

Dated 11/24/2014

MOU: Fashion Program Director/Show Producer

Dated 12/15/2014

MOU: Salary Placement of Current Faculty Hired Prior to December 31, 2014

Dated 12/15/2014

MOU: Salary Placement of New Faculty Hired After January 1, 2015

Dated 12/15/2014

MOU: Retiree Benefits

Dated 12/15/2014

Long Beach Council of Classified Employees (LBCCE/AFT/AFL-CIO)

AFT Contract


Appendix A, Unit Member Salary and Ranges


Appendix B, Salary Schedule

Effective 7/1/2017

Classified Employee Evaluation

External link to LBCC Forms. HR010

MOU re: ERD Positions

Dated 2/11/2010

MOU re: Articles X, XII, XIII and XIV

Dated 12/16/2011

Management Team Salary schedules


Effective 9/1/2017 


Effective 9/1/2017

Management Professional Development/Evaluation Personnel Plan

Revised 10/29/2012

Exempt – Students & Non-Merit System Limited Term Employees (LTEs)

Exempt Salary Schedule

Effective 1/1/2017